CarHonk Catharsis (The Big Damn Freakin’ Elevator Pitch)

You know what they say about trying to promote your ideas. If you can’t do it in the length of an elevator ride, you’re probably fucked. You ever try crossing the street in the middle of a traffic jam? Chances are, one car is gonna stop for you. And there’s a good chance the carContinue reading “CarHonk Catharsis (The Big Damn Freakin’ Elevator Pitch)”

THE HUNTERIAN OPIATE 9/13/21 – The Childrens Coaster Nexus

L1’s words of wisdom.. Do you remember going on those little rides when you were 5 years old? I’ve gotten nostalgic for the feel of them. Real roller coasters are behemoths of plastic and steel, generally with shapes that are based upon practical purpose. But those rides for tots have all sorts of classical shit.Continue reading “THE HUNTERIAN OPIATE 9/13/21 – The Childrens Coaster Nexus”

Original Comparisons: Why Outdoor Yoga Is Like Distracted Driving

A woman outside my home, doing Tai chi in the playground, when I was a child. Wouldn’t it be easier for her to have done that in her own backyard? She seemed to need to savor a relationship with space. Power and control, with gentleness and detachment, so very tied to what one feels mayContinue reading “Original Comparisons: Why Outdoor Yoga Is Like Distracted Driving”