Memes of Sheer Dignity – All Human Conflict Explained in a Twin Meme

If you’re stumbling upon this blog, but you hate reading, just print this out and put it on your wall. Eventually, you’ll see your fellow human beings very differently. This fucking meme, or what let me make it, has basically saved my life. Who are you, and what you do, the x and y axes.Continue reading “Memes of Sheer Dignity – All Human Conflict Explained in a Twin Meme”

Memes of Sheer Dignity: The Most Underappreciated Gamecube Masterpiece

THING WILL MAKE YOU MONEY THING WILL MAKE US HAPPY WHY DO YOU NOT DO???? FRIGGING GAME COMPANY…. Denying a good solution for both sides, now that’s the type of belligerent indignity that makes you feel like a stylish superhero, just begging to smack the villain and reach the menu screen that tells you youContinue reading “Memes of Sheer Dignity: The Most Underappreciated Gamecube Masterpiece”

Memes of Sheer Dignity – Bodacious Buzzwords!

Sometimes, people may ask you to do things that can feel absolutely pointless. And they’ll take some pride in it. They might act really freaking gallant. But that doesn’t mean they’re the villains you say they are. Sometimes they’re just getting joy from the ability to manipulate possibilities toward self-interested goals, while not being ashamedContinue reading “Memes of Sheer Dignity – Bodacious Buzzwords!”

Sheer Dignity Modern Morality Webcomic Number One

I have decided to start making comics even though my art skills are minimal. Maybe this is what I need to do to change the world. Society had naked queer race swap Shakespeare, and it was good, until the communists attacked and shut down the theatres for 125 years. By the time we decided toContinue reading “Sheer Dignity Modern Morality Webcomic Number One”