The Found – 10 Examples of the Emotion I Discovered

Welcome, stranger. Give me a bit of your time, and you will become a different person.See that tagline up there? Yes, I’m bold enough to insist that there’s an emotion without a name. I’ve described it up there. Let’s move forward. 1.  Shut the fuck up Apple, You don’t own Charlie Brown There are people “generously”Continue reading “The Found – 10 Examples of the Emotion I Discovered”

Original Comparisons: Why Censorship is like Gambling

Censorship is something that we all want to say something about. Censorship is a subject that’s woefully cliche. Everyone seems to engage in it on some degree, despite saying they are not really pro-censorship. I could whittle it down to the making of exceptions beyond exceptions, of alleged dignity so strong it defies expectations. ButContinue reading “Original Comparisons: Why Censorship is like Gambling”

Original Comparisons: Why Outdoor Yoga Is Like Distracted Driving

A woman outside my home, doing Tai chi in the playground, when I was a child. Wouldn’t it be easier for her to have done that in her own backyard? She seemed to need to savor a relationship with space. Power and control, with gentleness and detachment, so very tied to what one feels mayContinue reading “Original Comparisons: Why Outdoor Yoga Is Like Distracted Driving”