Original Comparisons: Why Rhyming is Like The First Jacket of Autumn

Let me ask you something, perhaps you can figure it out. I’ve created a lot of these, perhaps you can do it yourself now. Wearing new clothing at the beginning of a season… two words having the same sound, aligned somehow in meter? Why oh why could these things be similar? I’ll give you theContinue reading “Original Comparisons: Why Rhyming is Like The First Jacket of Autumn”

Tender Recklessness (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 3.2)

Mischievous Maturity…mischievous maturity…. A phrase that I hope can break though deep into humanity. It’s like a compliment, but an insult as well. It’s a mirror for revealing, and for altering. It can warp the world the way we may have all wished in our dreams. It can transcend the weakness in satire and exposés.Continue reading “Tender Recklessness (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 3.2)”

Warriors of Wind (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 0.2)

People can build statues. People tear down monuments. People can plant trees. People dismantle others’ plants and seeds. People are all warriors of wind. Human will and much opinion goes into the building of a statue of a hero. A monument for anything releases waves of people wishing for some goodness. A tree that’s beingContinue reading “Warriors of Wind (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 0.2)”