Warriors of Wind (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 0.2)

People can build statues.

People tear down monuments.

People can plant trees.

People dismantle others’ plants and seeds.

People are all

warriors of wind.

Human will and much opinion goes into the building of a statue of a hero.

A monument for anything releases waves of people wishing for some goodness.

A tree that’s being built is given love for its potential and for what it represents.

A garden being shoved apart is done with the intention for some other kind of growth.

People are all just warriors of wind.

You, releasing sophisticated shockwaves on the internet.

I can assure you that I believe in your real depth.

My desire is to touch that inner wind

and make you feel the way it lifts you up to act

and temper those gales which just might cut your fellow human.

My intention is to hold that wistful breeze

and help you turn it into something for your sails.

People are all warriors of wind,

but I have an odd affinity for that very weather,

and I have been stifled and uplifted by the human atmosphere

perhaps more vividly than much of us.

But this is what I believe,

that an emotion exists which no person has yet to name,

but everyone has already felt.

I challenge you, warrior of the modern age,

to do something which shall indulge my high ambitions,

listen to what I have to say.

Statues are innocent in their posing stillness, and egregious in their emotional reach.

Trees are generous in what materials they release. They are humble in how they need so many nutrients.

Statues must be built by panting humans.

Humans survive from the breath of planted trees.

Let me tell you what I have shaped together.

I am creating a monumental piece of giant flora, and I hope to see its wind create the greatest of aromas.

I have sent a team of outrageously well-intentioned cyclones made up of my will.

I am going to change the weather of this world.

I am a true warrior of wind.

Published by commanderdoubledge

As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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