Undulant Rave: Why Bullying Feels Beautiful And Is Largely Unstoppable

You’ll find people tell you that people, students, kids, whoever, bully each other, do that bullying thing, because of their insecurities. Because of how they’ve been treated poorly. Yeah, but it still hasn’t gone away. Bullying is still there, it’s ADORED by so many of us. You didn’t realize this. You know this, you didn’tContinue reading “Undulant Rave: Why Bullying Feels Beautiful And Is Largely Unstoppable”

Tender Recklessness (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 3.2)

Mischievous Maturity…mischievous maturity…. A phrase that I hope can break though deep into humanity. It’s like a compliment, but an insult as well. It’s a mirror for revealing, and for altering. It can warp the world the way we may have all wished in our dreams. It can transcend the weakness in satire and exposés.Continue reading “Tender Recklessness (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 3.2)”