Original Comparisons: Why Celebrities are (un)like Real Heroes

I’m here to make a statement. I open up my throat and sing. I’m here to make you undulate. Agreeing with me and not, you rise and fall, and stop at a place. You embody wavering, doing so without movement. You undulant being. Your undulant feeling. I open up my veins and screech. Celebrities areContinue reading “Original Comparisons: Why Celebrities are (un)like Real Heroes”

Original Comparisons: Why “Shut Up” is like “I’m Sorry”.

People are always telling each other to “shut up”. “Shut up, shut shut up, shut up!” Yeah, it rhymes, yeah, it sounds nice. It’s so mean. It feels so right. People are always saying “sorry.” “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” It sounds so tender, it’s a conflict ender. These two little phrases, sourcesContinue reading “Original Comparisons: Why “Shut Up” is like “I’m Sorry”.”