Original Comparisons: Why Celebrities are (un)like Real Heroes

I’m here to make a statement.

I open up my throat and sing.

I’m here to make you undulate.

Agreeing with me and not, you rise and fall, and stop at a place.

You embody wavering, doing so without movement.

You undulant being. Your undulant feeling.

I open up my veins and screech.

Celebrities are the reverse of sacrifice.

The wealthy are the most unlike those dying on the battlefields.

And yet they are not too different. No, they are not opposites.

Without extreme sacrifice, utter devotion to an essential need, ordinary people cannot be.

Without ordinary people, daydreaming of extravagance, they could not become the tabloid idols.

The most hardened of soldiers still have the excessive pride of those who do big business.

Those college dropout music masters still have the heavy ethic of students who have fully dove into the academic woes.

Can’t you see, it’s all the same, while also being utterly not?

It’s the undulating senses of purpose and result, of indulgence and sacrifice, that we all share, but we do not share them the same way, but in that variance, we are the same.

We undulate. The world, it undulates. Based upon how you see it, based upon what happens to it.

Irritating ultra-billionaires are never too far from those who risk their hides every single day. They breathe with similar lightness in their goals. Softness that affects lives, smallness that may save them.

You feel, to people you are upset with, that yes, we are alike, in how we dance through our lives, in how we navigate the bullshit of trying to be nice, but you tell them you are not alike in ways that may validate their digust in any way. We do have different flaws, perhaps, but not the kind you claim, definitely not flaws that are worthy of the zeal you show when trying to correct them or call them out.

Can you feel the undulations that you hate? The undulations that you love? The undulations that make you laugh, or those that simply leave you quite impressed?

Everything is connected and not connected, to infinite degrees. And this is what lies at the center of our strongest emotion. This is the key to understanding the raw makeup of all the tender bickering that you see on the internet.

Every time someone moans and groans about an incident and puts the blame on what group that person belonged to or associated with. Or perhaps, when anyone gushes with ecstasy about the kind accomplishments of any such individual who belonged to some category. What is happening in that situation is something I can only call “the undulance.”

They know they are being somewhat excessive. They know that being a category of person can indeed have no impact on what that person is bound to do. But here’s what they are condemning, or what they are praising, it’s that person’s inner undulations. Those moments where they move away from a certain type of approach to trying to be kind and decent, which are fairly likely to result in actions that could be called heinous or objectionable.

Can you feel it now? Do you understand mature affection? Do you understand the most unstoppable rage? Those emotions based upon undulation. They are feelings based upon the feelings that things are very linked together and very not bound to each other. Can you feel the energy moving across the endless grid of space? Emotions are not what you’ve been taught.

When a person takes a drastic action, they feel, I am going beyond my own expectations. I am going against what is typically right, but this is a situation separate from everything else. And yet, it is connected to everything else, so I have to do something meaningful. In order to change the meaning of the world. But such can never really be done, but no thing done is ever really without weight. So the desire rises again, drafted upward by the sheer lack of meaning in desire. And some action may be taken, or it may not be taken, but to be sure that person will indeed have undulations.

Whether it’s the hobbies of the ultra-rich or their business decisions, the sheer bravery of real heroes, or their dreams of being treated as relevant, no one can be said to be completely heroic or completely vain. This is why humans beings get so upset with each other. They know that no one entirely touches those ideals of good or evil, but they undulate with the energy of both noble and vile seeming ambitions. This is why people you consider radical feel so utterly balanced. This is how people you consider lazy or uninteresting actually possess amazing amounts of emotional energy.

You think people undulate less than you. You think some undulate more than you. Some act as though they are contributing meaningfully to mankind and you resent them because you don’t disagree that they could be commendably unique. Some are very humble about what they’ve done with their little lives, and you love the fuck out of them because you do agree they aren’t exactly as dignified as a person can be.

You’re empathy’s on fire when you’re in an adult form of rage. Your scorn for other humans is indeed ablaze when you want to cry out in affection.

The hard majority of people feel oh so very balanced. This is why people who belong together or are traditionally lumped together may feel so very balanced despite frustrations with what they tend to be or how society perceives them. Because they feel as a dot on a grid, completely tiny and exquisite, completely divisibly gigantic, able to touch all that’s outside of it, okay with not being able to reach into it exactly as they wished. They, or rather, you, are a pathetic superstar, a perfect hero, a perfect superstar, a pathetic hero. All four of which could be disgusting or endearing in their own particular ways.

Wake up, my friend. This is why you seek out complex characters, this is how you come to find sophisticated love. This is is why you’re mad online, this is why you get relief from our sweet internet. Why you log on and such, ready for a certain kind of consistently undulating energy from how it touches you. The internet represents everything because of how it’s completely connecting you and forming barriers on you. To come closer to another person means to remove barriers and develop entanglements with other people. When you are on the internet, that is such a very human thing to do. As you make that next post, remember, you become like a celebrity, you become like a lone hero. You become so many things, but most of all, you become very big and very small. The internet is a comforting place between strength and weakness. Mainly because it undulates in a way that we expect, and yet shows us so many things we would never expect. The internet is as amazing and as plain as it gets, very much like something we could accuse of life itself.

I desire the admiration of others, and to give up all my energy. But in that quest, I seek to make what makes me worthy of anything far more commonplace, and to be able to reclaim that energy and use it well. But that’s all anyone’s ever done, isn’t it? My goal is for us to thread the needle of being pretty good to anyone we meet, or try my very hardest to do right by such a wish.

If I have engaged you, then read my manifesto.


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As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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