[Purpose-Result Friction] Theory Diaries – Pizza Clout, WTF?

There is currently a thread on r/unpopularopinion in which an individual claims that pizza is quite overrated. Then they say that people mainly like pizza “for the clout”. Now, I did have to look up what clout meant, and I still felt pretty lost. I could relate to the many posts declaring that it’s ridiculousContinue reading “[Purpose-Result Friction] Theory Diaries – Pizza Clout, WTF?”

[Purpose-Result Friction] Theory Diaries – Baby Prejudice on Reddit’s r/ActualPublicFreakouts

I saw a video featuring one protestor accusing someone else of, by virtue of their own alleged racism, having a racist baby as well. It was frustrating to hear anyone accuse an infant of something like that, but on the other hand, I could relate to someone trying to stifle prejudice within that human whichContinue reading “[Purpose-Result Friction] Theory Diaries – Baby Prejudice on Reddit’s r/ActualPublicFreakouts”