[Purpose-Result Friction] Theory Diaries – Baby Prejudice on Reddit’s r/ActualPublicFreakouts

I saw a video featuring one protestor accusing someone else of, by virtue of their own alleged racism, having a racist baby as well.

It was frustrating to hear anyone accuse an infant of something like that,

but on the other hand, I could relate to someone trying to stifle prejudice within that human which does not know the whims of his caretakers.

And it all fell right in place with my theory.

People ache to change others who act so distanced from what it is inside of them that may bring disgrace to other people.

It is sensible to get livid at the offspring of someone who is ready to passionately defy the accusations of prejudice, because the things that people do become like their very children.

I don’t want people to do something like call a baby intolerant of other races.

But I know, deep down, there was no one in that thread who stood a chance at getting that person to regret what they called a literally helpless child.

I thought, if this person could sense the winding tension between what someone is and what they do, they’d find a way to tame that burning rage.

And they’d come closer to fixing the people who are a bit too proud of themselves for defying only the stereotypical version of ethnic resentment.

So sayeth L1 Doubledge, philosopher building a bridge

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