Original Comparisons: Why Censorship is like Gambling

Censorship is something that we all want to say something about.

Censorship is a subject that’s woefully cliche.

Everyone seems to engage in it on some degree, despite saying they are not really pro-censorship.

I could whittle it down to the making of exceptions beyond exceptions, of alleged dignity so strong it defies expectations.

But I present another comparison.

Censorship is much like gambling.

Gambling is more than the love of gambling itself, and it’s a lot more than a simple desire for gaining money for doing very little.

Playing a game of chance for money is this kind of craving: for one type of reality to blossom into another, for things to magically shift from one timeline to another.

For one pathetic, modest point in time and space to turn into something far more beautiful, in one unlikely and barely earned instance.

To stand out from it all, to be connected with the universe anew.

Now, what about those people and those things that they’ve made

that you wished someone would tear down?

“I’m not some pro-censorship buffoon from 1940” is what you say.

But look closer at what makes you seethe.

It’s that one person blossoming suddenly, infinitely, into something else.

“Yes, this is my chance to spread my voice” the creator of the wicked blog post makes.

“Oh yeah, time to live a new way and stop fucking around with how I saw morality before” says a person watching a show you wish was not allowed.

An easily influenced child sees something enticing and says “oh, that’s what I’ve got to try and get no matter what”.

You censor because you want to prevent an explosion of human resolve.

You gamble because you want to induce a nuclear reaction of altering fate.

To want to stifle others’ work for a very good purpose is much like the desire

to confirm your daydreams of wealth in a barely responsible manner.

I will not say if either are what you should avoid, but you have to admit, it’s a pretty good comparison.

Censorship itself is the ability to keep others from taking a chance with how you think things should be, and that’s quite the powerful thing to do.

You know you could be preventing someone from becoming an emotional millionaire when you censor.

If I have engaged you, then read my manifesto.


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As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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