Undulant Rave: Why Bullying Feels Beautiful And Is Largely Unstoppable

You’ll find people tell you that people, students, kids, whoever,

bully each other, do that bullying thing,

because of their insecurities.

Because of how they’ve been treated poorly.

Yeah, but it still hasn’t gone away. Bullying is still there, it’s ADORED by so many of us.

You didn’t realize this. You know this, you didn’t articulate it.

I am the philosopher who will articulate why bullying feels beautiful, why it has been unstoppable.

Bullying feels so wonderfully good because…….it allows a person to experience catharsis and relief for how much true human depth and energy they put into navigating the complex awfulness they must face from other people.

And this happens because, most typically, the victim is someone who exhibits the type of traits that make it clear…..they would not survive or thrive very long in the sort of life of the perpetrator.

The bully has complex relationships with their parents. The bully has strange relationships with friends. The bully has personal goals that require exorbitant amounts of passion to even have a chance at coming out on top.

The bullied expects the type of innocence and decency we are taught to admire when we are just past babyhood. The bullied has simple friendships that mend fairly easily after a conflict. The bullied just wants to do the thing they find fun.

Inside the heart of a bully is the blinding, undulating passion of sunlight. And it’s too much to take for its maker.

But when that light is cast harshly upon someone who can barely handle it, in a state of mere wanton assertiveness,

the joy injects itself into the anguish of someone who must struggle to find the fulfillment and the respect which they crave.

Bullying says, I can control you with so little effort, that I feel better

about having such very strong burdens to carry.

I can come closer to uplifting myself if I can bring you down with so little of my power.

The bully beams out,

“I can become more like what it means for anyone

to spread their little greatness into everywhere.”

Bullying feels like comforting rays of light that allow you to push onward.

That’s why you can’t tame it, no matter how much you despise it.

I have emulated bullies in a way that I find shameful,

and yet, I am somewhat glad that I was flawed enough to try that.

When you bully someone, you keep them from even understanding what’s actually wrong with them.

Would you feel great if you were spared your own great struggles?

Maybe bullying comes from a desire to see all this mischievous maturity we shove upon each other just get wiped away.

Maybe we wish to figure out how to not be the beautifully dancing exceptions to

“just be nice and sweet”.

Maybe the emotional revolution begins with me.

The blog’s right freaking here.

Published by commanderdoubledge

As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

One thought on “Undulant Rave: Why Bullying Feels Beautiful And Is Largely Unstoppable

  1. Awesome post and very well articulated.

    “I can come closer to uplifting myself if I can bring you down with so little of my power.”

    You said it right there. Bringing someone else down is the only way bullies can feel good about themselves. They are a sad sort and they need professional help. Because anyone who thrives on pulling others down can’t be happy or sane. Thank you for posting.


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