The Hunter’s Connection (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 2.1)

Let me ask you, what is the difference between humans and beasts?

What is that hidden obvious distinction between “people” and “robotic” beings?

It’s the aspect of the hunter, of a gatherer on a true hunt.

It’s the connections that they make, going through the world in which they act.

It is bold to say that some thing has a connection to another,

or that the reverse is true.

Perhaps you could say that they are “hunterconnected”,

that they are over and underconnected.

Take a look at arguments,

have a go at discipline.

Think about much heroism,

ponder on the villainous.

Overall, they are still hunters

that would bewilder any other animal

if only they could hear us.

There is always a friction, there is always a tension

there is always a relationship

between the act of regarding something

and the act of acting upon something.

To regard is actually an action

and to act has a lightweight detachment that is just like perception.

When a person is truly, never easily, hunting,

really going after something,

in a way that is filled with potential for chances to fail completely,

and manners in which you can succeed beyond all other prediction,

this reveals some structure of the universe, and how it’s always more than big or small.

It’s like the texture of the dimension of possibility.

It’s something that creatures driven mainly by instinct never see.

But perhaps they’ve got traces of it as they stare at humans with serenity.

Let me inquire, what is the instinct of people on their way to making civilization?

How did our species become so dominant, through other things besides the waving of tools?

What is storytelling culture and popular culture?

Why do us humans disagree so much with infinite things in common?

You can call it The Hunter’s Connection.

I read once in a small piece of an epic modern story,

that some people are all about THE MEANS, and making sure to do things the RIGHT WAY

while others are chiefly about THE RESULTS, taking pride mainly in

whether or not things DO GET accomplished.

This was for a certain contest involving gargantuan resources,

human effort, and potential for the gain of real power,

but this is a paradigm.

Here is what I think a culture is.

It’s the heat generated by the FRICTION between MEANS and RESULTS.

It is the understanding that SPACE and TIME do connect everything, and ALSO do not really LINK anything.

Culture is the rush that comes into place

when people are moved to making tough decisions,

and feel as that that MUST POUR OUT into others.

Culture is also how we spread our WHIMSY in times of relative peace,

in the hopes that neighbors imitate our lifestyle.

CULTURE is the friction between an EQUATION and the NUMBERS in them

Make the numbers change so fancifully,

and a plot on a map has three-dimensionality.

It turns into a creature all its own-

it becomes something with no real embodiment-

It becomes the ultimate hunter, it is outside of us.

Cultures aren’t proverbs.

Cultures are violent dances.

To go after something can always involve

doing something fundamentally unlike that which makes it.

To stray from something can certainly mean

becoming so intimately involved with it.

However, in a typical life, there are many things we do

which don’t come from a goal, and there are lots of responsibilities

we must stray from on a regular basis.

This makes us hot and bothered, it makes us cool and gentle.

With such temperature always altering, it etches into the universe as time moves along.

We all emit some thing very much like waves in so much other science.

What a culture war is really about

is trying to proclaim what the nature is of the relationship of intentions versus efficacy.

Never ever perfect, a “what to do guide”

turns into a plasma charged with motivation,

utterly discontented by a lack

of destruction and rebuilding.

Do you want to know what makes us smirk

when we are boasting about being rightness of something?

Something people are likely to disagree with,

something we know is contentious,

but feels like the right way to lean?

It is because progress that is VAGUE has a STRENGTH in a league of its own.

Movement toward an ideal

is so often strewn with its antithesis.

This may be why people embrace behaviors that we call hypocritical.

This is why people may act rather damned despicably

but get so much roaringly positive feedback.

It is the exception beyond exception,

an uptick in the desire for power, but regarded as precious and innocent.

it is because, as people strive for something they proclaim,

they feel as though they have taken what they scorn

and make it the skeleton of the flesh of their epic righteousness.

They give form to an infamous fury,

creating what’s known as culture.

Caught up in cultural frenzy, every point infinitely small,

the whole world entirely great,

every thing mattering most,

some vast expanses though, mattering meagerly,

situations become exceptions surpassing exception itself,

like infinite half steps to a line in the concrete

like an atom being split for some supposed good purpose.

When people defend the dignity of their broadly given culture,

their small chosen subculture, or their very own personal culture,

this is the passionate, pragmatic, resolute, burning will of a hunter

that’s being cast around them.

Ready to poke out pieces of their ideals for the purpose of making of them more sturdy

against the vile friction of those on a path which elicits terrible scorn,

the person wraps their culture in breathable armor, feeling

“I am righter than right, I am amazingly in touch with all a person should be”

And this is where conflict arises

as far from animal as it gets.

The hunter sees a connection.

The hunter sees a lack of it.

A chance to act, its purpose murky.

An opportunity to feel, its drama petty.

All the boldness you love, all the vigor you hate.

All the power you resent, all the weak that you should care for.

The truly evolved form

of the undulating connection of hunter and prey,

Like the mathematic streaking of galactic nighttime starlight.

This embodies itself so chiefly in the wars of cultural factions,

but it also enthralls us inside of stories where so much is ready to be sacrificed.

It is the volcanic interplay of hunters’ hunting of each other,

each with their own special strengths and unique sense of purpose,

desperately trying to save their day in a careful, savage fashion

while all sorts of conflicting calamities go out and take place

that seems to emit a flame like a gleaming trapped within the cosmos.

In no such other tale than a crisis of many genuine hunters

will you find the same kind of sorrow and joy.

When the hunt is cast all over,

some kind of burning breath takes over.

When it’s done correctly, such a multi-perspective epic

is much nicer than abiding by a tale of heroism versus nastiness.

I think, from that kind of long and gripping fiction,

we can learn how to be much kinder than we are,

because everyone learns to act with regrettable types of friction to move onward

and we all are bound to emit such very infamous waves with what we’ve done.

I use that kind of story to ponder how to be good to whom I want to.

Those ideas of making high arrangements and sacrifices

for the sake acquiring of some more useful abilities

do motivate my own shifts towards a functional decency.

All that one may really want

is for maturity

and mischief

to become better synchronized,

to serve those they truly admire.

And to nurture all of that greatness which isn’t understood by the masses

but makes up so much of what they have hence adored.

I want to see that reality

and this here is my means.

This is a mending of culture, big and small, shared and personal.

This is the correcting of the human hunter

that has yet to reach its goal of lacking awfulness.

And it is my hope toward the rise of a new kind of dignity,

at the very least for those who’ve come close to reaching it.

To change the game completely, please step up and join me.

Tell them this is how things are so the internet bears something very rich.

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