Inventorish Glamour (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 2.2)

The second term, the second phrase,

your name, it is “Hunter’s Connection”.

If I could give you another name, more delicate, more contemptible,

it would be “inventorish glamour”.

To say that all humans may act like inventors could be very accurate.

You act as though you invented all the things you do.

You feel as though everything’s some kind of innovation,

despite being a member of a species,

despite your ideals existing far beyond you.

To be this way, it’s debonair, it’s fabulous, it’s filled with flashy arrogance.

But that is not the reason it can be called a type of glamour.

What makes that so is that inventors feel removed from what they make.

Creators, item-makers, and pioneers alike

are not caught up only their greatness.

They know what they make had the potential to be made.

They know that other people and much luck did have a part.

There is a mighty friction in the will of our inventors.

If you could see them as they are, they’d be dancing with the fury

of someone trying to attain perfection,

though content with merely moving like those who wait in line.

That such bewildering urge, you can sense it in inventors.

You can tell what they are feeling, it’s something you have too.

The vanity and altruism making love to each other,

past and future acquiring a playful kind of depth.

The hunt for an innovator’s victory, all too light and heavy at once to bear,

much how anything is.

The inventor says, “let me make beauty out of this”.

The ongoing water wheel made from inherent vs. unlikely,

a strong willed person tries to figure out where to put the weight

so that the spin feels lovely.

An invention, a discovery, an achievement, and an effort

They are never fully what they are,

and are thus, bigger than anything.

This is a system on which we are based.

It’s why the world’s become a disorganized place.

Everyone feels commendable and glamorous

when they bloom with the ferociously secure desires of inventors,

and we can sense that others, though perhaps in fault, are so the same.

What you call a war of ideologies

has the gentleness and boldness

of two people trying to prove

who’s better at just dancing.

That fight is just as proud as it is careless,

just as loud as it is fearless.

A conflict based on motion more than statements,

on the weight in poses more than faces.

Who’s a good inventor

is a shining blast

on which we don’t agree.

But would you care to start

to get up off your ass

to complete this dance with me?

Make partners out of rivals,

just so, just so slightly.

Published by commanderdoubledge

As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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