Tonic Gravity (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 1.2)

If I had to give another name to you, my blossoming locus

your name, your name would be called “Tonic Gravity”.

For in music, we are always playing within a key,

the note that is the fulcrum of your everything.

But as we play we stray, far from the sound that is the focus.

And even beyond the key’s few notes, we betray what is the locus.

Whether ourselves or our subject, things are wrapped around it.

And even so, we always are wavering beyond it.

In other people, we can see they have much dreams like ours.

And they’re part-loyal to ideals so close to being countered.

No matter who it is, we and they condense upon a center.

Oneself, another, an ideal, a goal, that sort of thing’s forever. 

But the atmosphere surrounding such is screaming with much color.

The force that pulls it’s musical, expressive in endeavor.

All connected, and all not, at once, something gets reigned inward.

Far from a straightforward push, no point of touching what’s intended.

The will, the hope, the energy, it goes right through its subject.

It never makes a landing, it’s not a kind of object.

People, people, people, they wish and claim, take action.

And how you feel about it has to do with FASHION.

The why, the what, the feel, the result, this always makes some tension.

The debilitating friction of decision and intention.

What would a discontented person say more, one folk to another, then,

“they KEY YOU’RE in is VILE, you’re NOT like what I wish”,

even as the tonic note is never to be hit.

One can feel the music of another human’s mind.

One is obsessed with odor of intention left behind.

We roar with righteous anger at what’s not all that unkind.

And regarding all that goodness that allows you all to grin,

wider and more temptingly than all you can admit,

that is when you think a person’s playing with their key,

ascending beyond badness of supposed hypocrisy.

Adapting and reacting, transcending what they are,

Playing the song of life itself, reaching near and far.

I certainly agree, this is what I’ve been admiring.

But some of how we do it is rather worth retiring.

This music sorely needs a massive interruption.

This world calls for EMPs to get more decorrupted.

I’ll send a janky signal in your stream of brutal goodness

and fulfill your sense of having some bold gumption tamed by softness.

I will make you more the person

you thought you’d always be.

By crushing you with knowing of tonic gravity.

You can do so much with a graceful kind of music.

Published by commanderdoubledge

As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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