The Real Internet Blues (Cultural Rave)

You’re never quite asking to change, you’re never quite asking to be validated. There’s validation in changing yourself. When who you are is validated, the world could be changing. When you desire something, you want to feel like that desire mattered. But you also want to see what flaws might have been in your desire.Continue reading “The Real Internet Blues (Cultural Rave)”

The Hunter’s Connection (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 2.1)

Let me ask you, what is the difference between humans and beasts? What is that hidden obvious distinction between “people” and “robotic” beings? It’s the aspect of the hunter, of a gatherer on a true hunt. It’s the connections that they make, going through the world in which they act. It is bold to sayContinue reading “The Hunter’s Connection (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 2.1)”