My Introduction (Invoke Yourself- A Human Manifesto 0.1)

Welcome, welcome, welcome to my thesis.

There are some things that I wish to tell you.

A missing emotion, it has been found.

Human love and fury will be snapped apart and rebuilt.

This page is far from ordinary capturing of human will.

Do not exit is my plea.

Please hear what I would say.

Above average poetry is hard to find,

This is a fulfillment of expression itself.

I have gleaned like none have done.

This may become bigger than anything you hear others preach.

I have worked on this for over ten years.

This thing is like astrology, distilled.

I rely on the feel of balance from planetary terms.

I have made a synthesis out of my experience.

This is my life’s analysis, and it is rather serious.

I disappointed someone when a long bit younger.

I walked within the woe of sudden evolution.

I made something like this long ago and posted it.

I waited until I found my way to a higher chance of success.

I found my kind of virtue.

I can tell you what is vexing about the ideal of human goodness.

The internet captures you with something like an impulse.

What I have discovered can explain to you that very craving.

I have found a way to cut through easily the online raving.

The internet is everywhere and it is also nowhere.

Human feeling and action have the feel of maximum ambiguity in scope.

Stillness and dancing are based upon the essence of each other.

Love and rejection, desire and detachment, things that are never utterly complete.

The will to be a dignified creature is wrapped inside the dreams of an uncanny axis.

Hypocrisy is an inadequate phrase.  Satire is an aging tactic.

Storytelling has reached its limit.   Human ambition is stuck with creepy gentleness.

There is much mediocrity to waiting to transform.

Everywhere I see things that are worth affection.

There is a canopy that screams, crack me open, fly above me.

Infinite is a thing a person cannot be but they can touch.

I made an acquaintance who took her own life because of the zeal of communality.

A class called Intercultural Communication completely changed my personality.

Collectivism and selfishness are like an unstable atom.

I have an explanation for what counts as bullying.

I will validate and diagnose “generalizations”.

Music videos taught me as much as any textbook.

I understand the unwickedly creative breath of hobbyists.

I give wry approval of people who lie on the extremes.

I am here to validate the dancing within kindness.

You who have a strong opinion, all can be metamorphosed.

You who cares for little has a goodness much unseen.

To make reality from dreams is the brutal thing all peoples tend to share.

Progress is never too kind to future heirs.

Tradition is never too loving to the past.

The mattering of the present has a flux that tends to last.

Ideals are enamored by the mildness of “should”.

Unified enforcement is enflamed by will of “would”.

Accusing the sensitive of shameful weakness is a habit that dares hindrance.

Accusing the strong of foolish bruteness, that crime awaits dissection.

The pleasures in enforcing myths are the same as the joys in satisfying games.

Creating fences and membranes around people using labels, a pastime worth surpassing.

Accusing a lack of resolution does stimulate the appetites of the fiercely balanced.

The internet reaches further than anything, and redefines our humble, home based living.

Whether any thing represents any other is the stylish gleam that defines the wars of culture.

To move forward with situations after they happen is called evil and good.

To make meaning out of the past is called hopeless or inspiring depending on how so.

Metaphors out of space and time make up the very grammar of emotion.

I have made a friend who lies right on the precipice of seeing who I am.

I have made another who can likely recognize when I am worthy of respect.

There is always a disconnect between who you are and who you want to be.

Redefining yourself and making others live through that is not inherently dignified.

Kindergarten is where many people lose track of their personalities.

The education system is the only cruelty I would readily forgive.

The sweet sorrow inside novels is a cliché that I can put upon display.

The beauty inside motion is greatly unappreciated but very oft consumed.

Reaching far beyond yourself is where our greatest differences have come from.

People call each other crazy but they wish they never had to do so.

People dream of closeness to each other, a thing which I want to grow.

However, most essentially, I developed and created this

Because I could find no thing in the media that exists

That could help me navigate this world like an adept.

I grew through and for the sake of all popular culture.

I would like to have my evolution play out upon all else.

That is a passion which we strangely have in common.

That is a soft nurturing which causes much resentment.

People want to be encapsulated dignity,

and if that is the goal, I seek only to enhance that.

People like me are want of a convenient name.

What should be my moniker?

To be endeared by others’ desire for change

without exactly commanding it,

To see an icon or a symbol alter its purpose

and smile with bemused modesty about it,

To strip away your previous restrictions on your ethics,

while fulfilling sincere moral-like intent,

To name yourself off something you decry

and also what you’ve dreamt,

To cut your way all through the world

while also giving balance,

To be duplicitous

but never with ill will,

To find that which is unjust

and go in for the kill,

To want to change the world

but also want a thrill,

To try and spin humanity

a push upon a mill,

Those are types of things a deeply good person is already claimed to do.

That type of thing

should warrant an improvement.

It’s got to start with someone doing something big about it.

I am here to invoke the type of niceness that people think they generously exude.

You can call me Commander L-1 Doubledge.

I seek to refract the beams inside of dreams.

My ambition’s higher than those who are now clamoring for power.

I intend on dwarfing all the political movements with my dream of kindness.

Published by commanderdoubledge

As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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