The Blossoming Locus (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 1.1)

“The blossoming locus”

is the notion that

the world, life, and what makes us uniquely human

is that we feel and interact with

the primal understanding that

some things are completely and utterly independent of other things

while other matters are completely and absolutely intertwined.

And that, for any situation, or any evaluation

both of these factors come into play totally

coming into friction against each other

so that one point stretches out into the space of the universe,

infinitely emblematic, and endlessly irrelevant

both in a hundred million ways.

But, how often as to either, creates the shape of a wave

that touches everything and nothing

as you can clearly see

when specific situations

are regarded as massively representative of some attitude or tendency

despite the speaker feeling some falseness of this,

and others scenarios are said to be

utterly not indicative of some demeanor or behavior,

despite its sayer seeing much fault in that.

All points endlessly small, all parabolas perfectly huge

That is a marriage of math equations and pollinations.

This is the convergence of “programmed” versus “situations.”

This is the way things spread out, this is how people become who they are

This is plant life blooming unsure of how far it goes,

this is a vertex on an infinite grid gradually playing its roles.

This is a thing on which we should focus,

this I call a blossoming locus.

Examine this phrase

and you will find some catharsis.

This is a missing element

in our species’ progress.

As we beam outwardly

our sense of what can and cannot be changed

forms an arc that feels quite beautiful.

Feeling and acting are

not so separated,

that contentious burning star heat which we can exude.

People push like ocean waves,
they choose to bend in certain ways.

They take in boundless rays of light
and turn daydreams into might.

Like a flower spreads its seeds
with a chance to claim no deed

We reach into the form of space
Affecting all but lacking weight

Shining red and breathing gold
Weaving blue and violet folds

One is all, and all is none,

But in what fashion does the sun

Shoot its rays from here to there

How is it fair and yet unfair?

In such a world, what is the shape,

that all the yeses and nos make?

What is the will we shall enact?

The war between ideal and fact

Makes up the forces that we preach

That color how our kind do meet.

What they are likely bound to feel

Which things do they say should be real

When and how they’ve made appeals

With what passions do they clash,
what they see as kind or brash,
what scatters like a plot of ash,
and becomes the vicious, kind connection
befitting only to a being on the hunt.

Don’t let anyone tell you there isn’t a math to human behavior.
I plan on cutting down that lovely lyric.

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As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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