The Heart’s Three Infamous Positive Energy Directives #10- Declaring Himself the Successor of Jeopardy! Was a Good Vibe-Induced Fiasco

We look upon outrageous nefariousness under the guise of glory.

Pretentious, pompous politicians.

Creators of crooked contests.

Dastardly, deadly descendants.

That guy from Jeopardy who was supposed to, like…..take over the show after other people fought to inherit the televisual crown by guest hosting for a bit.

People declaring themselves the winner, pretty much, wherever.

It makes me mad. It makes me upset. It stimulates disapproval, to be sure.

But when I look at everything clearly,

it’s almost like they were never, ever told to do the opposite.

The positive feelings in your heart.

The way you have to make problems to solve them, the way others know that and are ready to use that.

Enacting deceit, you merely do what others are also ready to do.

The way you’re actually quite passive in your efforts, and how others are also ready to use their own sloth to put a stop to your desires.

Enforcing a lie, you feel strangely relaxed and elegantly defensive.

Bending and twisting the more expected type of human behavior,

you feel positively deliciously daring.

And after all…the world is a game, and others could have stopped you if they really had the power to.

Oh you forgone, how I wish…I could hold you tight and tell you

that you giving into that wonderful energy is exactly what humanity doesn’t need.

We need that wonderful energy, but we needn’t be given raw happiness from it.

If you do want the world to be a happier place, then work on pausing yourself despite that very justified resolve

to surpass the conniving will of all others you meet.

Although I still do want me or, someday, somebody, to be the victor and hold that trophy over their head that says

“this someone helped make fairness, bizarrely enough, less of a fantasy”.

There is no such thing as real fairness.

I just want you to get less wonderful chemical rushes

from enforcing the fairness you find imperfect.

That Jeopardy guy, do you think he felt all that dark and sneaky?

Do you think he was overflowing with hatred for his rivals?

Do you think he was entirely aggravated by the prospect of not being Trebek’s beloved successor?

Do you think he was a comic book villain?

I doubt that.

I’m sure that, to him, it was kind of a calm and steady move.

He underestimated the shock and dismay to come from his very nation of fans.

But to him, it wasn’t villainous, it wasn’t bitter, it wasn’t immature.

It was things falling into place, like in Plinko!

A sword falling into the hands of someone closest to the throne.

Why not prolong things with a grandiose show before things settle down?

Why not follow the good vibes on your way to winning fucking hardcore?

Of course, if he could redo it, he’d have brought himself down to the level of “candidate” legitimately, and fought as hard as he could to win some other day.

But it’s hard to deter someone who’s earned their unfair advantage.

Someone feeling really fucking adult.

Someone’s heart screaming with a sense of balance.

He was both host and player.

As you, at your best, feel like the fighter in the arena and the master of ceremonies.

You become the most untameable freak that needs a friendly wrangling.

You are good vibes uncaged,

causing more good than harm, but the bringer of the most harm

….which has no deterrent.

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As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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