Inner Beauty Parry 11/29/21 – Marching Band Un-Hatred is not Bizarre to Anyone

I don’t really love the uniformed marching bands in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The balloons and the floats are a hell of a lot more entertaining.

A proud minority on the internet would disagree, but I think most of us really watch it for those wacky smiling balloons and those corny gaudy floats.

Recently I’ve tried to appreciate the marching bands more. I mean, if you saw something like that walking down the street, you’d definitely have you eyes peeled.

You might even enjoy the synchronized trumpet playing in full.

They’re kind of like the glue that holds it together. Or the lettuce in the salad.

Without these squads of ordinary people doing something which is not particularly outrageous or colorful, you wouldn’t really have a big parade, just an expensive one.

If you watch the marchers on a YouTube stream, they even have come off as pretty fabulous and in-your-face.

They’re so much more naturally cool and admirable than the giant poorly modeled cartoon animals and 14 foot cakes with lip syncing boy bands aren’t they?

What would more easily be compared to….a human being, or group of human beings that frustrates you?

Some lifestyle or nationality or economic level that really makes you grumble and mumble until your shit has been lost.

They’d be more like the balloons, right?

So indulgent, so gaudy, so unnecessary, so greedy, so barely deserving of any appeal they have to anyone.

At their very best, they are to be regarded as amusing contributors to society without a any profound value.

I’m sorry, but I’ll have to virtually slap you right there for thinking that. For sinking into the dopamine of resentment.

A better metaphor for who human beings are ridiculously hard to criticize in a way that actually affects them would be someone…..learning to appreciate the marching band.

People aren’t so shallow and dull, especially adults, that they can’t find value and worth in stuff they’ve found cringey and aggravating for years and years.

People learn to appreciate stuff they didn’t. Find beauty in stuff that bored them. Give credit where there never was. Learn to see more endearing struggles in business and behaviors that just seemed like fluff before. They do it very often. It makes their chests warm. Yes, even and especially the most toxic and infuriating human beings who ever breathed.

You can see this shit in the eyes of everyone you ever spent breath criticizing.

In them, there’s that feeling of a beautiful heart they wish was exactly like yours.

“If only everybody was like me” is felt by everyone.

But in reality, we should be asking “if only everyone could explain why they feel like the one who has inner beauty despite all accusations.”

The only thing worth hating is how we’ve yet to actually explain what the feeling of absurd and insightful inner strength is, when we act in ways we know so many are likely to despite.

That very warm feeling, it is so very there inside of everyone that makes you sick.

Perhaps, right now, you feel a little nauseated, at the notion that nearly all the scathing remarks you ever made toward anyone were made toward people who had the same stuff in their hearts that made them feel beautifully human as you do.

Is your only option now to smile in disgust?

Especially since they see you as the floating mascot?

No, because I believe that there is a way to rise above this.

And it’s not through detachment from society nor in figuring out who to hate.

It’s about injecting yourself with the ability to recognize people at their most intense.

You just need injections in your eyeballs.

And I can provide it.

It’s a lot like a weight loss program, really.

Forgive me if you want to be explained to. I’m rather tired.

But I’m only tired because the explanation for what I’m getting on at is right behind me.

This post is not my best work.

In fact, I might say it’s a pretty bad one, a rather awkward cry for help on my part, even.

Go back and read what I mean by “hunterian” or “dragon-headed”.

Those 20 posts are my best work.

That’s your ticket out of this mess.

You need to dissect the sensation of inner beauty, not through mocking it, but by showing how extravagant it is. How strong and interesting it is. How useful it is.

By reading these posts, you can climnb the un-scalable wall with my help.

Get your mind un-blown at how someone that fills you with disgust is not immune to appreciating humbly.

It won’t take you longer than the time you’ve already spent online.

We all want to unfuckup the essence of whatever it us that makes humans so completely indescribably annoying. This may be the best attempt ever made.

I wish you a pleasant hour.

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As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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