Inner Beauty Parry 11/30/21 – Resentment for Charity Walks (The Knot Into Your Hands)

One day, I heard someone talk about how irritating walks for charity are.

Or, you know, fundraisers based upon pledges and things like that.

One person promises to move, to walk, to run, so that someone else can donate based upon their efforts.

I looked up to see if there were discussions. Someone raved similarly.

Why not just agree to give cash to the helpful foundation?

Make no show out of it, make no bargain out of it, make nothing special or quirky out of it.

Many approved. Many objected, citing that it spreads a message, sets a good example, and overall is a rather special exchange of human effort.

I want you to imagine that there’s a rope in front of your hands. Now imagine that it’s on fire. But for some reason, will only burn out slowly. It’s a special kind of rope.

The situation of the gimmick-based charity, and how you should feel about it, is a lot like a rope tangled in a whole bunch of knots, that you can barely even touch, to begin to make it unravel.

It’s quite sensible to be disgusted and frustrated at a display, at a transaction, such as the walk-a-thon. I couldn’t blame you at all.

It’s rather dignified and decent to be endeared and tickled pink over something like the charity walk actually being developed and committed to.

In both scenarios, neither party has a simplistic take.

Because it’s quite the cluster fuck of human will and effort.

In many ways, a strange corruption of humble charity.

In other ways, a lovely evolution of bland monetary gifting.

It’s the type of thing, which really gets your heart churning with a sort of craving for something resembling real street smart dignity, even if you think that example of behavior brings us closer to or further from it.

The thin line between the inventive and the wicked.

The thin line between the useful and the harmful.

The thin line between the beautiful and the nasty.

You’re not so dumb that you can’t straddle it.

But this world’s not so smart enough that it can describe it.

Or is it?

Hey pal, here’s some safety gloves.

Take the rope into your hands.

I’m close to tears but have never felt stronger.

You can unravel it and gain satisfaction against everything

you didn’t have the words to criticize.

Learn what I mean by “dragon-headed” or “the hunterian opiate”. Go and read.

You see, it is possible for the world to hold hands together.

We just need to wear the right equipment for something so dangerous.

Don’t give up on wrapping your head around why someone else feels beautiful when on the outside they seem the opposite.

If you can do that, all the worst behavior will slide off your skin as you dance inside it.

World peace is possible when “the heart” is unraveled.

Your cravings to eradicate the “bad folk” disenchanted, beautifully.

I am rooting for you, for us, for all.

You desire to unravel everything, and set it all straight, don’t you?

Now’s your chance. For the glory of the internet!

Published by commanderdoubledge

As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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