THE HUNTERIAN OPIATE 8/20/21- The Kamehameha Kid

I was going outside the other day….I heard a child screaming vigorously.

He must have been the child of one of the men working at the grocery store.

Upon closer inspection, he was imitating Goku, you know, from Dragon Ball Z.

Firing out that energy blast. Having his friend fall down.

Connected, but not connected, to a favorite character of his.

Like a super ultra mega flying warrior….holding back, even when going too far…that such holding back inspiring further power.

I snickered in amusement at how young he sounded. But then I remembered….it’s 2021. He’s about 8 years old.

The father could very easily be a fan of subtitled anime.

And Japanese Goku sounds like a grandmother….since he is voiced by a grandmother.

So, perhaps, this child, growling almost like a motor vehicle,

firing the imaginary blue turtle-inspired wave, could have easily been enticed by how much he did indeed sound like that such protagonist.

How amusing….for the one in younger years…to be more capable of mimicking true physical strength, and in many ways, extremely admirable persistence.

Of course, children and adults are both steeped in the awkwardness of responsibility….doing your homework, saving the universe, so many nervous laughs, so many sour moments of shame.

Our hair really does glow yellow, doesn’t it? Too often I think what will bring us together is not our love, or our rage, but a sense of a need to be a worthwhile being.

We really can relate to those who defend the universe not as a goal….but as what happened to take place as powerful creatures exploit other powerful creatures.

The power in your hands….burns brightest from the friction that comes with knowing all power is not all power.

But someone must win the beam struggle, no matter how modest the hunt of yours.

Inspired amusement and utter craving for valuable action, how they are so alike.

Oh wait, perhaps he was just watching an earlier season before those beam struggles became iconic. In the case of which, I’d again have some the hunter-y amusement at my own folly.

You’ve got to admire the narrative of this franchise, however. The stakes get higher and higher, the people stronger and stronger. And it remains beloved. So the hunts go on and on.

Anything at all being a superpowered warfare.

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