The Freakiness of Inheriting Oneself THE HUNTERIAN OPIATE 4/15/21

Isn’t it strange? Isn’t it strange?

You can inherit things from your own self.

Your past self gives things to your future self,

somewhat based upon its dreams and predictions,

also based upon things it never really chose to do.

Past and present, present and future.

Preparation and improvisation.

Gratitude for yourself that feels excessive.

And also like it’s not nearly enough.

Right now what’s keeping me here is:

the desire to be #1.

There are magnificent creatures out there I could never cure,

even with my ability to unravel their contradictions.

Some of us long for healing of a type so egregiously artsy,

it makes a general approach to deconstructing humans as a whole

not even worth its weight to that individual.

It’s a real tragedy.

That being said, I ache for a world

where nobody bats an eye at what gives “normal” people so much balanced-feeling righteousness.

There exists someone for whom I will always have been a #2.

And there remain many agonies to mend inside of a world where nobody

is an abject piece of shit.

But for us to get there, I will strive to be #1.

I will strive to be the first.

The only one who transmuted words to describe

all the things that endear you and frustrate you

about most other human beings.

But I’ve been here a while, with little intimate feedback.

So I’m whittling it down to one concept: The Hunterian Opiate.

If you want to engage with me, with this, take that approach. Focus on this concept.

What is it, you ask?

The heat inside your head and the warmth in your heart

based upon, empowered by, these six contradictions:

#1- Everything is linked and un-linked to some degree, and this is a very intricately and contentiously exploitable aspect of reality. You’ll see it in parenting, art, industry, and government, but it’s all that same kind of rage-worthy joy.

#2- The weaving of events out of space and time never provides a true validation for any human intention, but it’s the closest thing, making goals so enticing to have.

#3- Value is a ridiculous thing to ascribe to anything, and can’t be quantified, but this makes us long to try and produce more of it.

#4- Having power over anyone is never complete, and as such, there’s always a difference between you and the idealized version of human cruelty. This is the mystery behind what’s called most evil.

#5- Doing good things for other people is a complete shitshow, and when people can be the right kind of incompetent, that’s when people feel the most secure. This is what makes someone the most easily offended- when they don’t appreciate their heartfelt sloppiness.

#6- When something is perfectly appropriate but also extremely out of place, that’s what makes a person glow with wordless amusement, and that’s the hardest thing to criticize anyone for feeling- the things that make them smile like someone who’s seen everything.

Put these six things in a can and drink them enough, you’ll learn to see joy-in-one’s culture as the adversary of a better future.

Want to know why the hell I just said that? Well, go and read Language Shock: Understanding The Culture Of Conversation.

There’s a creepy foe of better human behavior stalking everywhere.

People by the tens or hundreds or millions act in ways that feel cool and interesting and brutal and unfair, and they mysteriously agree on it.

It’s all that lovely, nasty stuff that lies just inside our emotional cells. It’s that magical self-endearment that people pass onto each other indirectly that makes things like social justice unfortunately not quite all that effective.

Culture shock is the barbed wire in the way of world peace. It’s not the cause, but it’s the one thing that’s held up the most due to being tackled so messily.

But let’s digress. I’m here to teach you about The Hunterian Opiate, the fire in you that makes you feel completely not worthy of contempt, as an adult, trying to be dignified.

My ambition is that by reading these ten posts,
you’ll be able to tranquilize the hunter that we are.

The excess, the restraint, the selfishness, the altruism, the exploitation, the detachment…

it all meshes into an orange blaze, doesn’t it? And it’s the thing you can’t describe or deconstruct. I’m here to perform that impossible task.

I’m here to negate the flame in your heart when your hear somebody talk about “doing impossible things”,

so that it can be lit again under a banner of an actually tamed human will.

Because it’s obvious mystic people and political radicals have yet to really do that.

And psychologists and satirists are failing even more embarrassingly at advancing things.

But they do help me see the shape with the skies.

I’m wishing to map this atom of the common person’s overwhelming sense of “totally not being egregious despite seeming very egregious”.

Whatever emotions you’re feeling right now reading this,

as some stranger is claiming the power to change the whole word,

are exactly the type of thing you need have the best grasp of, a strong way to articulate,

to get closer to being able to

successfully navigate people in a state you find the most despicable.

As I have inherited my own overwhelming desires and converted them into these statements,

I hope you inherit my statements and convert them into the ability to

actually really, finally, be able to see what makes you feel

richly, warmly, unbreakably good about yourself,

and tame your most contentious will.

In a way that makes every other pop psychology suggestion seem laughably inadequate.

In short, I repeat, it’s about this. It’s about you doing this.

“Over-valuing that which lacks value, proudly so, connecting people loosely to the actions of themselves and others, staunchly so, and doing this in a way that feels perfectly out of place, allowing you yourself to feel like you’ve risen above being shitty.”

My posts will not be long. I won’t add new vocabulary.

They may be short and swift. They will be more appealing.

When the time is right, they will come often.

Maybe soon, when the time feels right, I’ll go to the town square and hold up a sign

telling you to know about The Hunterian Opiate.

Because what the fuck else is a person to do

when they have access to many eyes?

When the essence of protesting itself is what one wishes to make not necessary anymore.

Now before you close this window, do yourself a favor and finish learning about The Hunterian Opiate. It won’t take more than a half hour. Come on, do it.

Take that extreme frustration with the world’s stagnation and fix it!

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