Mischievous Maturity (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 3.1)

In my mind

there is a phrase

that I use to describe people.

I have carried it with me

for a few years

it is a fusion of so many other things

its name

this phrase

this is

the missing emotion

this is

THE thing

that people have been trying to call each other.

it has been on the tips of our mouths for millennia

What is it?

What is it called, the thing that makes us what we are?

Its name is

“mischievous maturity”.

It is

the blossoming locus.

it is

the hunter’s connection.

it is

the phrase that will,

or rather,

the only thing that can

carry humanity into an era

far distinct from what came before.

That is a tall order,

but follow me here.

What does it mean to be mischievous?

It’s to defy something,

something you know is right.

(but that isn’t true, that isn’t so simple)

Mischief is something that pushes the meaning of rightness in a fantastic, thrilling fashion.

What does it mean to be mature?

It’s to go with what’s endorsed,

to do what you know is right.

(but it’s always more complicated than that)

Maturity involves the bitter edge that cuts beyond conventional rightness.

In this life, in this world, people do things they see as “against the wrong”.

They fulfill what they see as righteous.

But it’s never quite so basic, not ever so easy.

There’s always a reason that “simple ethics” irritates you.

Why do you think that fictional stories engage you?

Just what the hell is happening there,

when tumultuous conflicts inside those stories stir you?

I’ll tell you what it is,

it’s friction between the one and the all.

You are hunting meaning in the encapsulations of such hunting.

When people yell and scream at each other in frustration,

when people brood and hope unto themselves,

there is a feeling so tender and so bold.

it is burning very strongly and we don’t say what it is.

This is what it is.

it is the blooming energy of the REACH of HUMAN WILL!

it is the contrast of FEELING and DOING since EMOTION is an ACTION.

it is uncanny because your CHOICES come from WHAT YOU ACTUALLY ARE

And to DO is never totally to REPRESENT a DESIRE.

And to WISH might never be JUSTIFIED by WHAT IS SO.

This is mischief that is mature.

Of this I am very sure.

Space in its three-dimensional glory

time in its softness and its savagery,

the one point

and the every where.

A quest made for some thing,

an adapting to the flow of life.

An engagement with much other people,

to be guiding them and watching them grow.

Those staying put and the wandering, always kind of both,

they brew a hurricane of volitional intent

that may indeed do something.

Humans are the ones who fostered the power to guide others LOOSELY and so STRONGLY

We are intensely caught in the friction of CASUAL NICETIES and PURPOSEFUL LEGACIES.

We humankind can do the most with the space and time that we have found.

And our dreams, though often very humble, often far too gallant,

can be said to stretch far out into the universe

since they burn with modesty and zeal unto a crystalline development.

Overwhelmed with base desires, burdened by mighty ideals,

it is not such a wonder that our sparks should be so controversially and lovably wild.

Look upon the faces of those who bring you disgust.

Contemplate the figures that inspire your heartfelt tears.

Do they not have something similar in their semblances?

It is an EXPRESSION they make. 

It is the closest thing to what could be called “an aura”.

The demeanor of those people WITH CONTROVERSIAL STRENGTH,

it is a GESTURE at reality itself.

The same way as a DANCE is made from continually adjusting positions,

as well as the contrast of the joy of indulgent moving with the dignity of a fantastic pose.

From the shocking will of people, and the runoff of their choices,

they do declare, they do exclaim, this world will TILT a certain WAY.

They say, with righteousness,

that despite all grown-up, life-hardened people

being granted a VERY ADVANCED sort of DEPTH or even some SOPHISTICATION

that supposedly THEIR DANCE OF LIFE is THE VILE ONE and not at all A BOON.

And we give praise to only those who have agreed.

Mischievous maturity, mischievous maturity,

Loath-able friction, inspiring vibrations.

The good deed being a reason to fawn over that who encouraged it. (is that as dignified as you think?)

The misdeed being a sign of true nastiness from whence it came. (do you see some fault in this?)

The friction has spiraled out of control,

we’ve fed into a cultural warfare subsisting on itself.

We likely have forgotten to try and learn

how to simply become more decent as a whole.

We yell such shaking waves at each other, and the world gets kind of sort of nicer,

but can we change it up a bit, especially at a time in history such as this?

What actions that half of a world sees

as glorious, intelligent will incarnate

the other half may come to see

as egregious, trashy indulgence.

The hidden essence of this conflict


and that is the PHYSICS

of how they INSIST

what ANGLE causes WASTE


Whenever you have

a major conflict among various types of people within society

things tend to wind up half and half,

two factions having it out.

The one half of the global village, they seem to say



And the other half seems to resonate



But you can flip that around for both of them.

They both say these things, their whims are just weighed differently.

Both sides still believe in how the judgment wobbles like a disk on a string.

Inside of that regarding of a polarized conflict,

they see depth in the defiance of the moral angle one sees as NOT MATURE,

despite fighting that stance so fiercely.

Now do you see that expansion of a person’s heat?

No matter whose behavior is cried out against so fiercely by the crowds,

or what bold suggestions about people are demeaned in exhausted satire,

there is an air of sympathy for that which the other, incorrect side does love.

Imagine any simple village or town,

inspired by fables and sayings that the people tend to use,

with so many of which, that some are not particularly popular.

And imagine feeling the woe of interacting with those folks

using proverbs and tales you find as fairly useless for down-to-earth people.

Inside that sort of feeling for those who tout certain tales,

there is COMPLEXITY in the DISDAIN for the WRONGLY BOLD.

There is a touch of friendliness in culture-bolstered rage.

That could be the most odorous or aromatic form of mischievous maturity.

No wonder we get riled up at people calling noxious gas sweet fragrance.

This scales up to social conflicts

pervading modern and antiquated human societies.

This phenomenon manifests itself in things that are dramatic and bold in scale, such as the following, which no doubt can really stir you.

Governmental leadership, warfare and public service, the making of sacrifices,

the family unit, falling deeply in love.

And things that have a controversial sort of value, such as these,

science, art, storytelling, leisure, what we should consume that others make.

And of course, also within matters that are often called petty or shallow,

such as physical pleasure, pursuing fun, quirks and habits, the language we use,

and the fads and gimmicks that color our lives.

In this age where new technologies connect us, all these things spark flames.

Even and especially on the message boards where we dispute and joke about our interests.

And this interactive mayhem is never quite unkindly, it’s always rather chummy.

And it’s also never lacking in a royal kind of flair.

The internet’s soft boasting has got a desperate reach that’s really very wide.

It’s a nurtured form of passion

that was already actually there,

it’s a mischievous maturity

shooting far into the air,

thanks to the reach of the internet.

For all of these matters, no matter the time and place,

there are a hundred million people saying to each other

“this part is the part that makes everything toxic,

if it’s the place in where you start.”

With all these subjects, a huge crowd’s saying

“that’s the place that makes things lovely

if that’s where you set your heart.”

It never really changes, it just morphs,

That duplicitous empathy which can truly the bend the universe.

Such is the way of mischievous maturity,

which in a world with three dimensions is all we can ever be.

Some are overjoyed by the telling of fables and tales about how to be,

while others will have greater passion for not letting them dictate your life.

It becomes a giant war based upon a mature kind of mischief,

a friction-laden conflict, about what is and what should be so.

You must either shout the dignity of dogmatic epics

that insist things were once for sure way better

or push hard in moving beyond the glee of strictness

based in such very sweetlike sounding rumors of entities making yet defying nature.

You must lean far in or tug away

from the cries toward fantastic-inspired social order.

And yet, despite all of this,

those who want untamed, unshamed progress more than all,

who give only a smidge of respect towards any supernatural suggestion,

see the future as containing a dignity

that’s majestically inherently there.

The march towards better history

will have its lovely origins.

The past would still be praise-able and mystically quaint.

And though, also, those upholding lifestyles of past,

Who refuse to not be bold when told their inspiration’s toxic,

are enticed by people clinging onto where they haven’t yet,

with much determination,

and blasting off the damned shackles of yesterday’s true pride.

Despite what they’re accused of,

they smile with kind vigor at “move forward”.

Intentions versus consequence,

Indulgences versus labors,

making versus created,

ideals vs reality

the dreaming of

and the being anything,

What do we feel about all this?



That we have not said to each other?

Inside of our conflicts,





Is the thing that happens to give our BELIEFS a SHAPE


What you FEEL about THINGS

is not a THING you can TELL people

It is the FREQUENCY of YES and NO


that lies within the PRECIPICE of YOU and EVERYTHING ELSE.

The world is indeed three dimensional.

Hypocrisy and virtue are conjoined.

And this lies in the essence

of all enlightened animals.

This is the game that we have been playing.

This is that strange metaphysical glow

that we are finally putting to words, in a neutral sort of lust for change.

This is what comes from mischievous maturity,

the field in which we now can judge.

The people in the world should go beyond their previous mediocrity

and find a pleasant pose in which to stand.

A new phase begins,

based on what things like fictional stories and friendly chats

have been pushing toward the whole freaking time. 

We trade in “not really connecting to each other”

and in turn, receive something a little bit more elegant.

We operate on trying to be

a better kind of mischievously mature.

As you go through life, as you criticize other people,

you think this, you feel this, you do this, you be this

you scorn this, you avoid this, you fight this, you be un-that.

You feel the contrast that becomes resolute,

in all its subatomic makeup.

It’s never so basic, It’s always, always friction.

It dishes out a smile deeper than that of other creatures.

It is what gives us pride, the kind we don’t articulate,

because it is so laden with uncanny conflict

and hasn’t been as of yet unwrapped.

This is the force we have to deal with,

those being always mischievously mature

so why do we not go out and do it

a good amount better than before?

We are split in half, conflicted, but never ever truly,

and that makes our conflict and our growth shine all very fiercely.

From that force we’ll brew up something that makes us ever more

like the transcendentally gentle folk we seem to insist we are.

There is something partly great

that needs to be shed

off of our skin.

Catch a wave of progress

that may now begin.

What you people here online

have given much praise and scorn

is really only just all the newest forms

of mischievous, o mischievous maturity reborn.

I use language to try and warp the world in form.

To do so any better would be the work of a cosmic sort of gangster.

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As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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