Undulant Rave: The Charming Hypocrisy of Effortless Responsible Drinking

I’ll tell you something personal about me… I like beer a lot, and I’ve never been drunk, not even once. I’ve come close-ish. I’ve been buzzed. I’ve gotten slouchy. I’ve almost gotten wobbly. I definitely wouldn’t drive after a full can. No sir. I do it for the taste. Which can really depend a lotContinue reading “Undulant Rave: The Charming Hypocrisy of Effortless Responsible Drinking”

Mischievous Maturity (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 3.1)

In my mind there is a phrase that I use to describe people. I have carried it with me for a few years it is a fusion of so many other things its name this phrase this is the missing emotion this is THE thing that people have been trying to call each other. itContinue reading “Mischievous Maturity (Invoke Yourself: A Human Manifesto 3.1)”