Undulant Rave: The Meaning of Mother****er

I’ve heard that “mother fucker” is just a thing you call someone. I’ve heard a of a lot of similar words- they’re insults with an awkward positive energy. Because I am a philosopher and thought about this kind of slang for 10 years, I’ll tell you what I think a motherfucker is. A mother fuckerContinue reading “Undulant Rave: The Meaning of Mother****er”

Undulant Rave: Vegans Explained Really Quick

Hey, vegans, I’ve got a message for ya. And uh, anyone who knows about you. People like becoming vegan not because it’s shockingly easy, nor because it’s rewarding in its challenge. Nah, it’s because it varies from hard as fuck to easy as fuck as you’re trying to achieve it. And it just keeps wavering,Continue reading “Undulant Rave: Vegans Explained Really Quick”