The Heart’s Three Infamous Positive Energy Directives #4 – Nobody is That Wound Up, When it Comes to The Tight Point of Modern Corsets

I’m not well versed enough in old style women’s underclothing

to figure exactly how much pleasure and suffering has ever been caused

by the wearing the item known as the corset.

The articles really don’t add up.

But I do know this,

that a lot of people wish they were never a thing,

a lot of people think they are classy and positive,

a lot of people were eager to wear them or make someone wear them,

a lot of bunch of people tolerated wearing them

a lot of people are glad they are an option,

and a lot of people think just them being an option is unhelpful.

I believe that people long to feel like they’re the ones with positive energy.

I would not doubt that when Billie Eilish uses a corset,

that the way she hides and not hides her body at once,

and the way she does something unusual but classical,

fills her with a sensation that feels very good vibes to her.

I would not doubt that people who object to her for either the reasons
of promoting very outdated standards of beauty,
or of actually promoting new ones,

see themselves as the ones fighting the bad vibes all around.

I would say that upon all sides of the weird little debate,

there’s a person, saying, wordlessly,

“I can sense YOU sensing that you are a good vibes person,
with a few things resembling good reasons.”

A physical item that changes the shape of the body to supposedly make it more beautiful,
is a real fucking rich point of the human experience.
Whether you are endorsing or defying it,
for whatever reason.

It’s like a snag upon our hearts.

Because regardless of your stance,
or however this sleepy eyed starlet makes you feel inspired, disgusting, amused, or indifferent,

you probably still feel that

amplifying the amount of beauty in the world isn’t a fucked up thing to desire.

Having at least some sovereignty over the way people look at you isn’t a fucked up desire.

Wishing for some control of how others portray themselves isn’t a fucked up desire.

And most certainly, wanting to be the person who eliminates and inherits various elements of a time before our own

in a proper-feeling way is not in any way a fucked up desire.

I’m really pretty neutral on what Billie’s been doing.

I personally find those discontented with their midsection but who want to expose it finding a compromise to be naturally likeable.

However, I wouldn’t blame anyone for taking a stand, and finding great inner beauty or relative ugliness in the decision to hug her body

in an old timey device.

But would you do this for me,

try and see just how much other people feel like the they’ve got themselves wrapped in good vibes, when their smiles embody controversy?

I really do believe that people want to be looked at positively,

while keeping many things hidden from others.

What else should a human do, to tolerate themselves?

Oh, if only we didn’t need celebrities to exercise our frustrations with each other.

Is there an end to the real need for tabloids?

Will we never reach a of point of comfort with our posture?

That is my desire, to go outside and feel no animosity within my spine

nor have a need to seek an ugly stance in anyone else.

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As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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