The Heart’s Three Infamous Positive Energy Directives #3 – Those Damn Mergers are Messing With My Streaming (A Good Choice Misery Maker)

Funimation’s streaming service is merging with Crunchyroll.

I was really enjoying anime a whole lot with Funi.

I mean, where else can you marathon dubbed One Piece?

Business moves like this are one of the things that’s a real grade-A clusterfuck despite being a huge gift.

The new responsibilities of the businesspersons,

the new burdens and perks of the loyal customers.

So made of friction. So worth rebelling or supporting.

You could hardly do anything that makes as many small problems and solves as many big ones.

When I look at the news, I think, I don’t want 500 new anime and a generally better TV app,

I just want to keep things as they were, and tolerate the problems I was dealing with.

Rather than making us savor the highs of new presents and pains, of more and less options,

just leave us alone.

It hurts my brain and heart.

But I remember it’s all based in having your positive energy offended.

I was solving the problem of not having a single good place to watch anime on my living room TV, creating the small problem of paying money for it.

I was not letting some of my favorite shows pass me by, so passively. I was comfortably tuning in on my couch fairly often.

I felt like an adult, going beyond my previous cable TV habits, like watching Bleach every Saturday for 8 years.) I got that whimsy of being new and rebellious.

Even the ability to watch on different devices has that charming (corporate in your home) quality.

And they they went to complicate things which were already charmingly complex.

A new clusterfuck emerges like a powerup at the end of an episode.

Should I sign up to Crunchyroll to access the new anime season, or just stick with what I have for a while?

Which Funimation shows will carry over? Will they all?

Will there be censorship and licensing problems? How much more will I have to pay?

They are fucking with my life.

But I’ve found a way to not let the rage make me too upset.

Because in the head of a business person, they’ve also got the three positive energy directives.

They are things that make them feel like human beings.

They’re solving a shit ton of things in a business sense.

They’re gonna be making it easier for people not to have to choose which streaming service they want.

And the inconveniences they’re making are naturally, a part of business.

You can’t do business without stuff shooting around everywhere that makes some naysayer go “I wish this was easier for me, but you had to make it about money or OTHER people who benefit.”

It’s like a beautifully disastrous invasion by ragtag protagonists that ends super well for most characters, at least.

So they’re creating problems, while solving them, since that’s all you can do.

And as long as people pay for services, why wouldn’t you try and optimize that? Are you just gonna make bad business decisions instead?

How very honoring of passiveness and restraint.

So then you get some happy marketing campaign where they talk about how much things are changing for the better, and how to work around the complexities of it. And act like they aren’t making a monopoly and potentially making things shitty for customers.

But of course, some monopolies are out there, like public utilities.

Reading that weird happy vibe from a company pisses you the fuck off, no matter how well they deliver on positive promises.

But honestly, I don’t hate it.

If I had managed to make that my life, if I had that shit in my hands,

I’d have no choice but to grin at my own discomfort.

Would I really sink into an apologetic state?

You’ve got to feel like a risk taking adult.

You’ve done shit that could leave effects much bigger than you and your own little life,

because of how hard you’ve worked.

Would you sulk inside of that? Or make sure the world can feel you gleaming?

At the problems you make, and the moves you never took.

You’ve got such good energy.

But perhaps less enchanted by it, you’d create less blatant problems like….those who don’t even know what to do with money that will go nowhere thanks to your awesome-ass merger.

They tend to wait to see who whines before fixing everything, don’t they?

How about spending extra cash on pleasing those who are bound to suffer from fixing unbroken crap?

It really makes them feel wanted.

Perhaps I’d be great at running a company,

or perhaps those who do run them just have trouble really doing their best.

Perhaps I’ll just have to settle for being the king of explaining

why people feel kind and calm and secure despite everything else.

The true first to reach that island,

and make salacious articles unnecessary.

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