Dragon-Headed Research;Notes 10/19/21 – Writing is a Dragon, Flying in a Circle, Bold and Vulnerable

Goooood afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

I can confidently say that I have written about anything as deep or valuable as I possibly could on my blog.

However….I’m taking viability into account. I’m taking cultural osmosis into account.

You know, I still want to live the fantasy of people reading this and gaining from it.

I’ve still got my dream. And I do like writing, you know that.

So, let’s add another season.

I won’t call it the Hunterian Opiate for now.

For those of you truly wise and eager, go back and read Season 5.

If you want to know my real voice, go back and read season 5.

If you want something that stands up to literature, go back and read Season 5.

But for the impatient and curious, welcome to Season 6.

I’ll boil it down yet again, to make things more fun and more likely to spread across the waters.

Now, what I’m gonna tell you here is that people are like dragons.

Which may sound a bit like a boring sort of hypothesis.

After all, where else would you get the personality of a mythical creature, from,

but our own species, warped somehow?

Let me try to explain in as few moves as possible.

While stories and media featuring dragons are really quite diverse in their style and their purposes, dragons are portrayed as disgusting or truly worthy of contempt or even significant anger.

They exist in that middle ground of “earning righteous fury” versus “earning sincere admiration.

And that’s a lot how people act when they’re at their most un-critcizably fercious, isn’t it?

Dragons have the intelligence to understand that their very existence and behaviors are in essence, quite excessive and a nuisance.

And that’s the demeanor of people behaving their most outrageously indignant, would you agree?

And dragons, despite their frequent large size, despite their brutish power, are aware of the cunning that surrounds them, and know it will take more than burning breath to guarantee a victory over any such proud slayer.

And that such defiance of the witty and desperate lies at the heart of a person trying to see themselves as a good person despite all, doesn’t it?

And, most importantly I use the dragon allegory for explaining this- that warm feeling in your chest that tells you

“there’s something different about me even though I know I’m just a human”

and that also tells you to have some degree of friction

between your idea of “humanity” and what you’ve really got to act like to be somebody nobody could justifiably despise.

Yes, there indeed is a draconic fire deep within you.

And to some, that may sound like something preachy and optimistic.

But I do see that this world of ours is on fire, despite our civilizing enhancements.

I see it in all the stuff we fail to describe adequately, and becomes the stuff of “social skills”.

I believe we are like dragons trying to tame ourselves,

trying to wipe away what we feel is that deep and mysterious nastiness within other people.

And it leads to so much that you love, powerfully, like friendship,

so much that you hate, decently, like public conflicts,

so much that you love, humbly, like a fresh clean building,

and so much that you hate, tepidly, like the vibes of internet forums.

Do not ever call me a person who who said “people are all good” or “everything is fucked”.

Call me the person who said “everyone is foaming at the mouth at what they see as sick behavior”,

“and are exhausted and encouraged by their own ability

to close their mouths to avoid the stench,

and shoot fire out of such mouths at the right time”.

Restraint and excess, indulgence and volition, style and instinct,

you combine those things together well enough and you get a writer, who tries harder than anyone to tame the battling.

To fight fire with fire the right way. To have the mouth closed often and well. To dodge the arrows and even maybe trick the hunters into fighting your fight.

Clawing, like dragons weak to each other’ by their nature of their scales,

and know the might of the maws of the other that walk about the plains.

And that’s the main tragedy behind trying to change people.

You’re always fighting something that is like what you at some point fought in yourself

to make yourself less of a pathetic creature.

You are doing that very dragon like taming of such dragons.

With the only part oblivious being just how much everyone has that such wild feature.

This is an affectionate condemnation of the uselessness of all writing.

Because I can see that behind everyone smiling at the rants and raves,

we all sense that we are, by and large,

encouraging that behavior which really disgusts us the most.

But I do not feel that grip of mediocrity in my efforts

I believe that I can tame the dragons,

because I am in touch with the draconic heart of writing.

It says, “I know my presence is excessive,

“I know my actions are faulty,

but I am doing what must be done to reign in what others have wrought.

I am the balance of defiant mud-slinger and kind defender

I am very not the stereotype of pushy excess”.

Writers know, that very deep down, the people that hurt them the most with what they do, are overflowing with cunning sincerity and savage serenity that makes such talking quite useless no matter how much it changes anyone.

But I don’t intend on being another lobster in the pot, climbing away from “acting badly”.

I will fight fire with fire, successfully.

Enough of this. I’m done elaborating.

Now, I’ll show you some shining examples of dragon-headed people.

I’ll defy that circular vibe given off by writers,

and give you a piece of slang to see your fellow humans at their most extreme,

and get ready to dodge and counter those infernos.

And if it works out my way, we’ll have the belligerent stared and down soothed rather than satirized with swords that break.

It’ll be like magic.

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As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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