L1’s Almanac – You Wouldn’t Cringe at an Animal

Animals can induce many of the same emotions in us that humans do.

But you wouldn’t cringe at one, would you?

It’s hard to a feel a mix of embarrassment and resentment for an animal.

What’s so different about them?

They can’t have fondness for what you want to do, relate to what you wish for them to do, but choose to go the other way.

Animals can make you feel all sorts of feelings like affection and rage, depending on what they do, or what you find adorable or nasty.

But you’ll never ever see an animal as worthy of truly sickening shame.

No wonder “cringe compilations” having nothing to do with animals.

The key to understanding human hatred

involves seeing the desire for people to be like you.

We cringe at others not just for being unlike us, but for desiring to be unlike us despite seeing what we want out of them.

I cringe at people not trying to see what really makes them see someone else as cringey.

Would animals cringe at each other? Of course they might, if we anthropomorphize them.

Tell me what cringe has meant to you, in ways others might not have seen.

Let’s get cringey with it.

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