Store Fronts are Interesting as F*** – THE HUNTERIAN OPIATE 4/24/21

Aren’t store fronts pretty interesting? As long as their name is there, they’re like advertisements for themselves. Of course, it would be hard for this not to be the case. When you possess a space, you’re going to use it to your sheer advantage. A store front barks out at you to come inside, toContinue reading “Store Fronts are Interesting as F*** – THE HUNTERIAN OPIATE 4/24/21”

Little Jams: Rural Niceness, Urban Niceness

The hospitality of rural people is something very real but it might be empowered by not having to interact with people in ways that are inherently inconvenient. Those of us in the city really are some grouches but the way we get along Is really quite legitimate. All of us are challenged by and givenContinue reading “Little Jams: Rural Niceness, Urban Niceness”