The Heart’s Three Infamous Positive Energy Directives #1 – A Diagram to Explain and Bind The Egregious Strength Within “Your Heart”

Hey….it’s me again. I’m back. Once again, it’s time.

I’m gonna condense my philosophy even more.

Polish it like marble. Crush it into powder. Shape it into a supernova.

I know what I have to do. Break it down into something so simple, something not even metaphysical.

Something bland, something hot, something universal.

Restrain myself from using colorful language.

Make it so even a junior high schooler or an extrovert or even a government official could read it and gain from it.

Make it sound like the epitome of common sense.

Prevent any boredom. Prevent any misunderstanding. Negate the possibility of not changing people who see it.

Show them you’ve honed that fist.

And if I fail to be succinct,

let this Rosetta Stone of a human’s obnoxious awesomeness

quell your very urge to criticize anyone,

and become, instead, self-control at your most colorfully intense.

Let’s move on to the point of this post.

Stare at this image if you wish to get the most out of what I’m going to to tell y’all.


Here’s the problem humanity has yet to solve. This is the voice in the back of your head.

This is the squirming frustration in your heart that you feel, when you spend time looking at wholesome stories and motivational quotes.

The irritation you get from knowing someone on the other side of history likes cute animal videos as much as you do.

The melancholy you feel when leaving the movie theater with people who might not respect your lifestyle.

The question you always ask but are too upset to even say it with your hands or lips.

Perhaps it can also be called what neurotypical people excel at, and people that maybe be called autistic tend to fail it.

“Just how in the hell do others arrive at what they say and do, despite liking what I like?”

All of the books, TV, and music, even architecture and nature….

you know that people use that shit to get through being human, and in a way that’s not dull or malevolent.

You know they get those weird indescribable feelings in their chest that push them to keep trying to be….better.

Anything that gets you high, somebody who seems nothing like you could enjoy.

Violent offenders are watching Super Mario trivia videos, somewhere.

Your instincts tell you that those you find evil are, in some mysterious way, shallow witted.

All the stuff you find online that’s interesting or validating supercharges SOMEBODY you detest with inspiration.

It could even be you in your past. Don’t we cringe at younger selves, and wonder, how did they get like that even though we still like similar things?

You could also say that you’re shocked at how well your personal heroes wound up,

sucking on the teat of popular culture so similarly.

But let’s focus on that nagging fury for now.

Because I don’t want you to look up to everybody.

I just want you to see vividly, the mechanics of why anybody would feel as intensely sure of their actions as you have, at your best.

Let’s focus on scaling that wall of empathy.

Because I must choose what to alter.

I plan on replacing those dark and miserable feelings you get when witnessing the choices of other people….

with something a lot like martial arts centered around throwing.

If you can wrap your head around the intensity of anyone else,

you’re a lot more likely to turn things in your favor.

And much less likely to be sickened by others and do things you’ll regret.


Right now, I want you to clear the table.

Assume everything written until now was tipping toward what I’m about to tell you.

There are three things that matter to all people.

No matter how warm-willed or how dark-feeling they become,

or how peaceful or furious they turn,

three things remain, in general, admired by a person.

And nobody wants to feel like they lack them entirely.

These three things are what makes a human feel enchanted by their own selves.

They’re what you crave most, wordlessly,

and what you despise most, quietly.

The thin line between who seems like the best and worst person to you, can be explained by these three things.

What makes a person’s resolve so hot that it has no pre-emptive countermeasure can be explained as well.

They’re elements of being a person that just can’t seem to be washed away.

I mean, without them, we’d probably be not much different than animals, with so few accomplishments.

Here are the three directives of your heart.

At its strongest and hardest to deter. At its most mysterious feeling.

The moment when you’re being called out or criticized, and it feels so pathetically lacking in relevance,

because you feel very richly and unsimplistically human.

These three things are the friction that makes you burn up, and makes you tremendously hard to weigh down.

They’re all that you feel sets you apart from terrible people, weak people, unhelpful people.

The missing link between a person you admire and someone you can’t stand, and what makes all the space in between so very interesting.

They cause the friction that makes someone doing something extreme

feel “no, I am not the cliche of mean”.

The Heart’s Three Infamous Positive Energy Directives.

I believe people follow the plasma in their chests, for the sake of down to earth validation.

That’s you, isn’t it?

When you could totally walk away from doing something, and you don’t?

These are the three things. You feel them and don’t say them. They’re so natural you can never articulate them. But they’re always there, especially so,

in the most socially skilled and accomplished of people,

and in the hearts of those who praise them rather awkwardly and deride them with some jealousy.

Perhaps I can also call them, the sources of that heat in your cheeks when someone is acting in a way that makes you go “wow, holy fuck, that’s wild”.

Would you like me to deconstruct the mystery of that feeling?

What it is that makes someone despicably honorable, or wonderfully detestable?

Just three things make up that beautiful friction inside of “the heart”,

which has yet to bottled by anyone.

I weird concept, but yes, but who doesn’t relate when they are told about “heart” like feelings?

Despite what you’ve said about other people probably tens of thousands of times,

human beings really do respect self-control, and you know that. The ability to wish to do something, and be capable of doing something, and indeed not do it.

You get that, right? Everybody everywhere, and certainly every culture that ever got made by anyone, makes a place for restraint.

But it doesn’t work out so easily, does it?


Because, no matter how restrained and passive you are, you are still acting, just by being human.

And restraint and passiveness have a less inspiring side…because you can exploit and mistreat others through simply not making changes or efforts.

You don’t want to be that stereotype. And you especially don’t want to be perceived as that stereotype.

You should take and make actions, and understand you must be imperfect.

But when someone looks at you like you really do not respect your own sense of restraint,

well, that’s when you get your most furious, don’t you?

If you could see that own intense feeling

as something others share very very much,

perhaps you’d be able to gaze much deeper into the feelings of your neighbors, friends, and rivals.

This is the first directive that has yet to be tamed, which should not be abolished, but contained.

“Do not let your passiveness and self-control be exploited or mocked.”

And what you do in the name of this makes you feel like a being made of irresistible positive energy.

Despite what you have felt tens of millions of times,

human beings really do admire the ability to solve problems. To see something unpleasant or inconvenient, and correct it.

You get that, right? Everybody everywhere, and certainly every culture that ever got made by anyone, makes a place for fixing things.

But it doesn’t work out so kindly, does it?


Because, despite your desire to fix and correct things, there are always unintentional results.

Whenever you take an action, you are likely to make problems you don’t even want to make.

There is always a dark side to trying to improve any situation.

There is always extreme weirdness in controlling resources and lives.

While you may say that in an adolescent fashion, we desire to make others feel frustrated and defeated,

for the most part, to be sure, humans spend a lot more energy on imagining things getting changed for better.

I know you do.

What makes you want to call someone a terrible insult?

Who pushes you to call them “a piece of shit” when nothing else suffices?

Or rather, what makes you really despise someone who is otherwise rather civilized?

It’s someone who is rather aware of how not to harm other people,

but is choosing to make problems for those around them, or deride people who identify as helping.

But you’ve been there, haven’t you? In a situation where everyone is ready to call you callous and crude, when taking a stand feels oh so very reasonable?

People are ready to call you a problem, when they know you might indeed be providing solutions.

They are ready to stop you when you are merely taking risks for a decent cause.

They trust their hearts that in some way, you really are more of a problem maker than a solution provider.

No matter what happens, or what could happen, they’ll trust that it is right to belittle you.

And you will not let that belittlement breathe.

This is the second directive of your heart-

“mess around with things in a way that feels charged with the will to correct.”

Or, you know, “fuck around in a good way”.

What people do in the name of that is the source

of so many unstoppable endeavors.

It’s true that people desire comfort and convenience. Infants and children are the biggest culprits of that.

But we humans aren’t quite so weak.

We are hunters that literally took over the planet. We didn’t get here by cowering in caves or simply being content with animals as our prey.

In a way that can hardly be called malicious, human beings want to get out of their comfort zone.

If you, a mere human, wants to savor the energy of your own life, you have to stretch beyond what makes you feel safe or at home.

You could also call that the power that allows you to prevent yourself and your loved ones from deceit and sabotage.

Logically, this should work out better than it has. We should be like children willing to try to fruits we have yet to eat.

Or at the very least, trying out a new form of work should be enough to satisfy such a person.

Taking into account the fact that nobody is truly passive, and that problem-solving is a problem-making endeavor,

you can more easily see that the will to defy your comforts is intricately laced with potential awfulness.

Take heed, my friend, as this my be the only satisfying explanation you’ve ever heard,

as to what makes a culture so sure of itself.

Take heed, stranger, as this encapsulates the sensations in a person’s mouth when they have to declare

that “those people just don’t fucking get it” and “we’re doing the right fucking thing” when about to cause a lot of pain.

Inside of the heart of someone who seems either charlatan or crusader of anything,

is a sense that they’re branching off from their comfort-driven, childlike self.

They know that they could be causing shame and misery,

they know that being quiet may be kinder,

they know what it means to be reckless, with humanity, with reality,

but they have an idea in their head of what might just actually be, bizarrely but solidly,

damn good for us.

And the match that ignites that explosion of resolve is this….

yes, the very essence of the moment before a man or woman does something hideously impressive, is this,

a sensation so very wordless and so very very strong,

they feel,

“this guy thinks I’m just running my mouth because I want to.”
“that girl thinks I’m just discovering what it means to give a shit about something.”
“these people think I think that doing the right thing, achieving my goals, should be easy and perfect.”
“so many people in this world are ready to put me down when I have no fucking ill intention.”

“I am not brash.”

“I think, overall, I’m a positive energy person.”

“It feels really nice, taking a stand, nicer than anyone has ever said it should be.”

And then the action comes.

Infamous Positive Energy Directive Number Three:

Escape Your Comfortable, Childish Nature, and take a stand against something which doubts its own ugliness.”

“Validation finds you there.”

If you can find a way to freeze yourself when that desire overwhelms you,

if the warmth can actually stop you instead of drive you,

if you can be not enchanted by that feeling,

if you can counter it like dancing ’round a brute,

then you really are what the world needs more of.

Sense what validates you most.

Recognize that people will indeed get greatly GREATLY justified positive feedback

for taking a stand against things which have the essence of the PASSIVE and the CORRECTIVE, but otherwise in many ways embody the opposite of that.

Not feeling peacefully and gorgeously empowered by how many things you manage to bizarrely and beautifully make better

is the key to actually defeating that which makes human society such a painful place.

Resist that lovely and rich feeling in your cheeks that tells you

“I’m doing something wonderfully uncomfortable, and it’s validating as fuck.”

What makes you feel valid?

Well, it’s this of course.

To do things that are exciting and unfamiliar,

but also honor your imperfections and prove your lack of recklessness.

We humans desire the most positive of feelings,

and the only way to truly feel our hearts overflow with positive energy

is to prove to ourselves that we really have the dignity of a human, the capability of a human, and the courage of a human.

You, my friend, dear stranger, you’ve done it so much, haven’t you?

Pondered whether some thing you were about to do was good or bad,

sensed how much it was going to validate your better qualities,

and went ahead and did it.

This is the paradox of extreme human actions.

They almost always embody and honor your restraint, your utter innovation, and your drive to succeed in spite of everything surrounding you.

I repeat, dancing on the edge of time.

That state makes you a charging beast.

Let yourself be one who cares more about nuzzling those in such a state.

If you can let someone feel you validating that steady-hearted feeling,

or rather, do that to everyone you meet,

your daily encounters will suck a lot less.

If everyone did it, we wouldn’t have situations in which someone is indeed or is not the asshole. We’d stop before that starts.

We could make the rough shit work,

while understanding there’s no such thing

as a truly peaceful or corrective or innovative action.

All I really want

is to make your average human encounter

a lot lot lot less fucked.

All I want to give you

is a way

to dance together with the monster of positive energy.

Or the short version:

you at your most savage really does represent you at your most civilized, and that’s the issue.

That’s always been the challenge. Telling people they need to stop acting a certain way

when it really does embody their ability to get around the will of others,

in a way not particularly unhinged, malicious, or simplistic.

That’s the fucking golden key.

Stopping yourself when your adult heart is warm and deserves to be.

I do declare that is the way out.

Stare at the image. This is the only way for humanity to win against its own need to be troublesome.

Leash yourself at your most intricately positively charged.

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