Cultural Rave- This One’s About Hugh Mungus and Dunkin’ Donuts

A donut store, a coffee shop, a food-eating place,

decides to boldly sever a part of its name.

Left without the thing that made it what it is, it acts disconnected,

though not quite, from much of what made it so successful.

Strangely endearing, strangely frustrating, to try and refine one’s image by conforming to a trend of slicker branding.

But is it not so much like the person who is a tad to desperate to see unforgivable lewdness in someone else’s provocative jokes?

That person is a bitchy bitch, but also a heroic hero. Going after that which seems to distance itself from responsibility, and antagonizes a desire to promote civility, so very loosely and informally, looks to me like that which anyone should be adored for so dearly.

His antagonist makes me smile with shame, but I cannot say she is a totally trashy. There is still a place for calling out passive aggressive humiliation that may be related to some other sort of prejudice. I still am kind of glad that we would have people like her.

As for the other party, the man who suddenly invokes a punchline-sort of absurd name for himself, I understand why people praise him so much.

He counters her encounter, in which she insists on proving that his desire to shield his identity had more offensive goals, linked somehow to unkind urges.

This man ensnares her in her own antagonism, deftly avoiding justifications for her accusations, but at the same time, he enforces his goal of making her look rather foolish for even wanting to accuse a stranger like him……of anything resembling that which we call sexist.

He is, perhaps, fighting against the despair of someone being wrongfully called so prejudiced, for doing or saying things which barely intended demeaning of anyone else, which were only motivated by trying to keep his identity a secret and aggravate a paparazzi sort of person.

What started as the desire to defect and provoke a nosy news gatherer,

turned into some strange crusade, which was further deflected

Some of you see him as godlike.

Because trying to shake off the advances of someone trying to associate you with things neither of you know might not really be a fault of yours is such a common human interaction.

What you adore in Hugh Mungus is that which I want to expose.

If I can deconstruct what it is that draws you to someone like Rudy Pantoja Jr., perhaps you might see me as a person with a bit of value, as someone who is justified in believing the internet might bring us closer together as a species.

Zarna vs Hugh, a battle where disconnection and connection came into play.

A situation as epic as that of a gripping early novel chapter.

A gratifying microcosm of our social media world.

Perhaps most so because the apparent loser is not indeed someone you can hate, since she has clearly been dealt a few bad hands by people. And yet, this makes Hugh rather endearingly merciful.

He doesn’t really accuse her of anything. Of course, it’s his ability to play around her game of blame which might make other people rather furious. Whatever he has is something that someone could use to potentially really get away with their misdeeds.

I can see the shining fury in the eyes of people in these situations.

It is a bizarrely endearing situation, but I am bizarre enough that I can strip it down to the found emotion- that is, the passion for exploiting the agreed upon dubiousness of linking anyone to anything in a way that feels dignified more so than others have.

Obviously, it is strange to antagonize this fellow, to make a crass man to be a committer of sexual harassment.

It is obviously not appropriate to imply that you might have something on you that is humungous.

People graft things onto others that they may only barely possess, they defend against accusations they know aren’t too foolish.

We can see when someone is trying to weave dignity out of traditionally rude or vile behavior, and most likely, we will either love them for it, hate them for it, be surprised at their absurdity, or laugh at their devotion to some kindness.

Just as a company rebranding itself so slightly, moving away and not away from its past, is impressive and vexing, a person embodying behavior you see as crude but elegant, is something you praise heavily.

And this is where I think the key and the lock to figuring out why people can be such pieces of shit to each other might finally be dusted off.

To you, who is quite fond of this folk hero, imagine some subset of humanity that really pisses you off. Let’s take an ideology, maybe a country, maybe a website. Just focus on what makes you despise them.

They have their own Hugh Mungus. To them, you are the silly person trying to get you to look like you haven’t got a shred of dignity.

They have their own folk hero, who seems to be everything that other people hate about that such culture, which makes their own cultural pride so very hard to cut through.

They have their own Zarna, a slightly affectionate stereotype of someone trying to mock their ability to try and make good things happen to neighbors. From the perspective of (people) in (group), you’re the meme worthy bitch.

Cultural pride is born from the ability to navigate situations, and toss one’s dreams of dignity into the future in a very very bizarre sort of way.

People from that culture know it is foolish to insist that anyone has helped anyone be anything resembling virtuous.

But everyone else is playing the same game, of ugly but endearing writhing through a social situation.

And somebody has to be doing that better than anyone else.

This is why the sword of satire doesn’t kill hypocrisy the way you wished it did. People adore the sloppy hail mary pass toward justice.

This is how people change, but not really. They just learn to make different kinds of hypocrisy their favorite. And this isn’t really even a flaw.

Because you can’t be a non hypocrite, because when you align intentions and dreams with space and time, things will never always go the right way.

You adore the cosmic energy in doing the evil-ish right thing to do. And aware of your mischief, you take solace in seeing real bastards manage to reach their goals which are hard to call selfish.

And this is what I want to cut down.

I personally would like to make a world where nobody needs a folk hero, where we can strike gutters in trying to be a good person without getting upset,

but not worship people for dancing so crudely toward their ideals.

You look at these heroes, and think, the dance toward amazing elusive dignity marches on.

But I want to stop this parade.

I believe I have a way to stop the aching for fucked up superheroes.

Both bastards in this situation

should not be your source of inspiration.

You should aspire to knowing just what gets you off so hard

in trying to turn any situation into an implication for other situations.

Perhaps it’s the fact that everyone else is trying to exploit

knowing that no one situation barely matters?

You are and are not exceptional.

My dream is exceptionally humungous,

but it is just like everyone else is.

Where we thread the needle of not being an asshole,

with no badasses involved.

I’m gonna go eat a donut

and fantasize about nobody getting high on flawed heroes.

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As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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