Cultural Rave – The Only Babyish Gaming Opinion

I’ve seen a lot of people argue about gaming opinions, and I almost always have at least a little respect for them.

But there’s only one opinion I can’t seem to forgive, can’t seem to respect.

“I don’t play indie games. I don’t like indie games.”

And especially when it’s said by somebody who plays a lot of goddamn video games across a whole lot of genres.

You mean to tell me that you won’t play INDIE PLATFORMER or INDIE SHOOTER or INDIE RPG or INDIE TACTICAL STRATEGY GAME…..just because it was made by some fanboy weirdos on a small budget?

These people are doing their best to capture your childhood in a bottle. Sometimes, they try to satisfy the frustrations of a fanbase by adding features into their into their game that were requested and neglected by the game devs for years and years.

Are you so offended by the notion of someone trying to pay tribute (and make profit) off of the general creative energy of someone you like? You’ll really not buy a tight-ass, well made 2d platformer made in 2013, because it’s a tacky attempt at capturing the gaming magic of 1987?

I get not wanting to buy a console from a company you don’t love. That’s kind of a commitment.

But not paying $5 to play a game you’d probably have a lot of fun with makes you look way too emotionally bonded with a corporate entity that made computer games with just as much desperate renegade ambition as the 22 year olds of today trying to hit it big on the STEAM marketplace.

You’re really like a baby crying over being held in the arms of a doctor. Like a toddler who doesn’t want to try food they haven’t eaten even if it smells good. Like a kindergartener who refuses to draw with anything other than crayons.

Except even they wouldn’t give a damn if an 8-bit video game was made 35 years ago or not.

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As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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