The Epilogue: Why All Fiction Is Exactly the Same (WORLD EXPLAINED AND KINDNESS REMAINS)

Do you want to know something?

All fiction is the same, exactly the same.

There is only one exception.

Purely informational fiction for very small children, or perhaps for the learning of language.   You’ll learn what a tree is and basically nothing else. 

So many cartoons for toddlers do this.

But what is all the other fiction in the world made of?

What fiction makes you go, hmm, well, this is more than just a telling of what a person did.

I’ll tell you.

 All fiction is about stimulating the part of you that sees contrast between purposes and results.

Literally any story can be analyzed using this system.

All the way from Aesop to mythology to theatre to movies to your favorite anime.

What a character does, what choices they make, and the way things end up for them,

It is entirely about goals having unexpected consequences.

And as for which characters are portrayed as lovingly noble,

contemptibly vile,

captivatingly both kind and sinister,

or absurdly neither great nor worthy of shame, you can strip it down to

what it is inside of them which allows them to navigate the friction

between what they want and how they actually get there.

Your favorite heroes, your favorite epics, and anything else of the sort,

they all share a common trait

“This fictional person in this fictional setting

represents a great way to attempt approaching how to reach their goals.”

There might be 1 billion students right now reading a book

and being forced to write essays about some story, about some heartrending protagonist who ends doing something purposeful.

But is there any point to that anymore?  

That has failed us preparing for what the world is going through.    All of it has failed.    

And yet, we have come close, so very close.  I can feel it in the magic of the connection among people on the internet.

We have been building up or muscles to confront this flaw of humankind.

I don’t read novels anymore.  

I still feel ashamed of it, but that is only because I am conditioned to believe that reading books is good.

I genuinely believe that my being sensorily and emotionally bored of reading books has served me tremendously.

Not to discredit them for lending me that power.

Let me ask you, what has been the goal of fiction?

The goal has always been to tell ourselves that being human and having dreams

is always about navigating the friction and the tension between

what something or someone seems to be made for

And what they may actually do.

That is how you gain from stories, that is why you love stories.

It’s all about the endless struggle to want to be starting at the right place.

while also knowing the right way to stumble when the right place is never quite so great.

Fiction itself is just a way to deal with possibility only going one way, but us having to do something about how to reach possibilities and dealing what they’ve caused.

Fiction is a reminder that any situation is just one situation, and also linked to every other situation.

Suspension of disbelief is a sham of a theory.  You know that Batman is not a real person.   What makes you think his comics are engaging is the insistence that

His fighting of supervillains represents a smooth and ambitious insistence

that the way he deals with troublesome people

should have some major implications on the way YOU perceive dealing with people and wishing for justice.

Have you ever heard someone say

I will reduce storytelling itself to a few tenets?

Do you think I’m insane?

Let me ask you again, do you believe in the possibility of people not treating each other like garbage?

How do you think we have ever come closer to this goal in the first place?

It’s all about that part of you that wavers between passion for what something should be

and what something may be.

I quintuple dare you, pick up your favorite book, your favorite manga, the best movies ever made,

even the myths you might worship or find very tantalizing,

 and especially, narratives that try to advance a political purpose.

They all have an emotional fetish for

the right way to stumble.

But that such preparation for meaningful stumbling, for complex adjusting,

to the goal of being dignified for other people,

That has been the game we’ve been playing the entire time.

Open your eyes.

A lack of understanding of the purpose and results of using fiction to guide us

is in the way of us being good to each other.

Yes, consume all the fiction that you want,

But until we see this mechanic of inspiration through fiction

for what it is,

That peacefulness everyone dreams of as a child will never ever come.

Do it, do it now.   Read a story.   

And see what makes you find it lovely, or stupid, or interesting, or ridiculous.

You can boil it down to characters becoming more in touch with the interplay of goals and consequences.

You want world peace, do you?

We’re not too far from it.

If we can go to the library and say “I  know exactly what kind of satisfaction this place gives me”

Then we will have truly evolved.

Before, I will analyze a certain type of highly beloved fiction for you.  There are many stories where it’s revealed that someone’s reality is merely a type of simulation created by other people.

If you recognize this music, perhaps you know what I’m talking about.

The creation of this simulation or this pre-designed human experience by other people

is often a result of them craving power over others, the goal of acquiring materials, or the result of people aspiring to preserve  a remnant of the of the world in which they lived.

And these stories usually are very captivating indeed.

But why?  Why is that?   WHY?


Those stories embody the interplay of wishes versus actions more than anything else.

For people to design a small and contained version of reality is to crave or to possess supreme power over the possibilities within the universe.

To live inside such a fabricated space is to be completely subject to someone else’s dreams.

But neither of these is quite the case in any of these stories.

These citizens of a fake city are free to do as they please, and yet, they also have a chance to make things actually change.

And yet even so, the people who created that such reality, despite their lust for making a world of their own design,

Still crave for possibility and captivating dreams to exist within that curated spacetime.

You have the creators of a continually resetting world, fulfilling their dream of control and power, while also tasting the inspiration for new possibilities in conflict as well as love.

You have the people forced to live inside of that world, given prefabricated names and roles, but never ever subject to living exactly the way that someone intended.

To go along with that model, to make it more fascinating, some people in that fake and genuine world are hard-wired to seek to change it.  And as to how far they go, whether it yields anything, is extremely likely and unlikely.

Almost as though that resembles the will of the people or the ideals that you see as the most worthy of praise or disgust.

There is an unexplained desire that exists which has received the most focus and the least explanation.

A passion inside of us, a passion that has no possibility of not happening, a dangerous passion, an extravagant passion.

That dream that somehow or other, the things we will do undulate into reality itself

in a way that is good but also exciting.

For we all know that human goodness hits such very giant roadblocks.

And this is why you get people coming up with such magnificent tales involving the unleashing of sympathy-worthy power combined with such intimidating weakness.

Regardless of who is alive, regardless of who is where, causes and effects cannot be simplistically linked together, when creatures who appreciate possibility itself are to be involved.

The dimension of possibility is what we see when a story makes our heads and hearts feel oh so very heated.    Why, especially that anime that treats possibility as an actual dimension, where scientists try to teleport humans but can’t because the scope of possibility is too great to produce enough energy to fuel the potential inside of one human life.

Why does time travel engage you?  How about stories with people entering alternate realities?    And how about reality warpers who seem to undo actual events?

Because seeing causes and effects start to fall apart is very, very tantalizing.  We know if we could separate cause and effect, so many things would be possible, and yet also, if this were to happen, we would still be subject to the confinements of possibility that even the reversing of causes and effects could actually create.

How utterly beautiful that we create this type of content.

This is my theory, my criticism, my adoration, my love

 for why we get so very upset at other people

for reasons besides the mere taking of things we want from each other.

Yes, this is something the internet needs to hear, one reason that will change the way you see conflict on the internet.

Because we all have lust for creating a future which resembles our desires.

And on the path to that goal, we know so very many odd and strange and freaky and very bizarre things could happen.

When someone is simply selfish or following their leader, we feel pitiful.

When someone has stopped caring about what possibility may yield, we feel sympathy.

But when someone has decided to get strange, to get ferocious, to be bewilderingly flexible and intimidatingly adaptive,

That is what produces amusement, awe, disgust, and even the highest form of love which may possibly exist.

When someone is in touch with the contrast of goal-orientation and means-complication, that is what makes us silently adore someone completely

like a comforting night of stars, or hate them with the fury of the harshest daylight sun.

But in between those things, are people we have very complex things to wish upon.

The people we fall in love with.  The workers we get along with.    The frenemies, the awkward allies. 

Those whom you can’t seem to pick apart in the way that leaves you satisfied.

And in fiction, this is usually a person who takes lots of bizarre actions that we would never do.

The common type of character of this sort is one who is constantly ready for their own death,

And yet who is always completely prepared to take action in the near future.

What makes you find a character truly magnificent?

It is someone who prepared to sacrifice themselves, to quickly and proudly die for a dream, and yet, though always seems to respect the possibilities they have within their hands.  

They long to see what other people might do upon entering the lives of others. 

They crave to leave a legacy, but seek to be a powerful player within the present. 

They also tend to have a very heavy past they are both highly burdened by and not.

They seek to change the world, or mend some situation in their own way,

based upon their past, knowing that they could easily fail. 

They have gone somehow above mortality by reaching only for a singular possibility somewhere within reality.

They have gained a sense of worth inside their life by not disrespecting what could defy that goal.

This type of person knows that the past and future are as connected as they are not, that the present moment in reality is as huge as it is microscopic, that their dreams may never become valid, and that all dreams have a powerful sort of humbleness.

They are the people we do not call heroes or villains, but only “great”.

They are so very hot and cold.

The coldest of these characters seek to crush someone else’s ideals and prove what they wanted really mattered, despite knowing no one can ever prove they are truly dignified. 

The warmest mainly wants people to inherit the type of niceness they aspire to.

And often it is cold and heat together, it is the desire to push but not defile the very weather.

Do you understand exactly now, why the greatest characters in fiction are so endearing?

Do you see what is represented by the glow emitting from warriors in a dimension where people can throw planets?  Why they scream and shout but somehow remain impressive in other ways besides mere power?

Every moment born anew, they must develop further power, undulantly.

Or perhaps those shows where people make huge sacrifices for uncanny abilities?  Or base their superpowers on huge risks that are immensely dangerous?

They exploit the ability to create possibility and that makes us feel admiration for such hunters.

It’s all about the friction of purpose and result.

Fiction’s friction is that of itself and the actual world that exists.

Fiction is the friction of possible reality and this real universe.

And you can prattle all you want about which of these stories are great.

You can even insist that our reality is just the workings of someone else trying to test us.

But if you don’t see the way fiction itself inspires us, a world in which people treat each other kindly can never come.  No, the only other way is brute force, and the end of possibilities inside of time and space.

If any such creature could do that, perhaps they’d be pained by the lack of time moving forward,

And they would rely on us to make a pleasant dream.

In my opinion, the only way to make this world as magnificent as it should be

Would be to finally reach that point where nobody tries to ruin the dignity of another.

A place where we respect each others’ dreams.

 If you can see the passion for turning dreams into reality,

You can pull apart what makes a political leader seem so very glorious or frustrating.

You can use that to look at the way you approach relationships with very unusual or hard to deal with people.

Everyone dreams of being nice.

And then things get complicated and we become fanatics of what gets us there, rather than kindness itself.

And you cannot worship kindness and expect it,

But you can praise yourself with more discerningness as you’re tantalized by the exceptions to ordinary kindness.

Because we’re all that impressive bastard who is empowered fiercely by detachment from oneself.

I am uncovering the missing link between serenity and savagery.

I am Commander L1 Doubledge. 

Maybe you could call me Pollyanna Prime.

I see the good, even in horrible people.

Because I had the type of evil which hurts only a special select few people.

I am just here for the dream of being nice, which has always been available.

People are not ruled by the friction of rage.

Otherwise, we would not have the United States.

The dream of true kindness can actually come into place.

I only need to see it come upon your face.

It may not happen now, it may not happen ever,

But I know that somewhere within possibility,

the end of global conflict and local hatefulness

finally being power washed away by the water of focused dignity

is actually out there.

And our country is almost certainly where it will begin.

I am ready for it.

The possibility of me changing the world.

An actual way to validate my life.

The thing we’ve all been trying to do.

Absorbed from the world to me,

Sent back from me to you.

For dignity itself, wherever it resides,

I will lift up the moon and change the very tides.

The possibility of getting kindness right

Can only happen when we see how volatile a dream it’s always been.

When we can see ourselves failing to be kind and hoping to change the rest of the world to confirm that it was kindness in the first place.

I hope to be the last one to ever cause that much change, to ever push this hard to make up for my sophisticated but unkind ways.

Culture is over, you don’t matter anymore. Nobody has the right to talk about their culture being great. It’s all just the tension and the friction of purpose and result.

Humans being good to each other belongs in the hands of the people, not in stories, not in leaders, not in heroes, not in anything, know that you see what fiction has been trying to do.

May you no longer stumble when you try to be a decent person going to the fucking grocery store.

Are you watching me, beautiful young lady who gave me everything I needed to do this?

I could never redeem myself in your eyes.

But I hope that if you see this, you’ll know exactly who made it happen.

and that I made up every moment you had to deal with my mediocrity,

And especially the time I pled to you

Like someone about to reset a universe, hoping the next one is slightly kinder,

followed by splitting the entire world and sewing it back together.

I never gave up on correcting what I saw in myself.

I never lost sight of finding a purpose.

I never gave up on an amazing result.

I always wanted to defictionalize what fiction had been so sweetly vying for.

Now I feel more comfortably linked to time and space.

My work is done, and may I be lucky enough to actually see it unfold.

Now, unite the world, but keep possibility intact.

Remember me as the one who refracted the light inside the ground.

I only did this because of how much pain seeing people act a certain way had given me.

Let the fracturing of cause and effect be your comfort in the kinder new reality.

Just split them apart for everything but the desire to be usefully kind.

I would love to see my energy, your energy reach you,

and for you to put it back and set it somewhere new.

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As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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