Original Comparisons: Why Being Crappy at RPGs is like Having No Dating Skills

You played Pokemon or something, when you were younger.

You gave your Charizard all Fire moves, or something else like that.

It worked, it felt right. Until it really didn’t.

But you didn’t want to experiment. You felt so very secure, even though it felt somewhat childish.

You grew up and survived your adolescence. You tried to live the dating experience. But you projected nothing that enticed.

But you also got really good at turn-based games a few years after childhood. You savored the flow of digital battles. Not really hard when you wanted to find something that made you feel like a genius.

And you eventually found your way to become attractable a few years into adulthood. You somehow found a way to exude a sense of sensual worthiness. Not being all too hard considering how heavy interpersonal things had gotten previous.

I’m going to explain two things within a single slash within this post.

The key to understanding what makes these turn-based power-grasping games so very exciting,

and how it is you can begin to have your romantic ego actually start to feel its thriving,

is not merely about coming closer to fulfilling your confidence, nor is it about outplaying another person so you can get a satisfaction.

What makes them very similar is how our emotions waver in weight in those experiences, and that coming out on top is a matter of mastering the other’s feelings.

Coming close to a tabletop victory, it comes far and back to you in so very many ways. Only by having a passion for those very undulations
can you outwit your foes if they are also high skill players.

It’s inside of these board-game sort of contests that we shout with triumph and can laugh at our own follies.

Ready to play our favorite of these games, we feel our hearts endeared by the strange magnetisms of failure and success.

Aching very much for someone to find you a handsome sort of creature, worth embracing,
the possibility of moving that way does enter the heart of the other party, should you be seen as basely charming.

But, if their interests aren’t so very humbly immediate,
as it is for one half of humanity, usually, but surely possibly for anyone,

they will only be enthralled by you
if you can come off as though

they matter very meagerly, and humbly,
while also having potential to be the one you love supremely.

You must drive that person mad with undulations of “I’m admired more than any beauty, I’m only endeared as much as a cashier”.

So many people are offended
when internet superstars play those great games so very poorly,
and complain about what makes those titles seem unworthy.

So many, perhaps one half of humanity most, gets livid,
when someone aches and moans that they have never been seen as vaguely sexy.

But how can you blame the raging streamer or the eternal virgin so severely,
when this world has not the tools to describe what brings one closer to
intimate winning, or winning intimacy?

The word I have is “undulant”.

Learn to see that such popular gamers still crave a wavering toward victory,
just not in all the forms that you find nice and rewarding.
Open your hand, and say, toward that gaming streamer,
you already love gliding your way through other types of video game frustrations,
though typically where failure and success are made more obvious,
and to please give a chance to taking time to rebuild an approach
to more elusive gameplay systems that don’t reward so immediately,
because there is a good reason that millions became fanboys.

If you are fond of someone who is quite inept at managing your flirty space,
going so far as to become unpleasant when projecting erotic sorts of hopes,
maybe you can help them become more like what it is you find exciting.
Show them this dating interaction thingamajig
is a game about navigating possibilities,
that they, the other, do have worth, but that your own whims need more uncanny winds
to provide such sweet unlocking
that can lead to so much fondling.
Let them know that it’s the unsolidness of your criteria
which is what a prospect
should try to start touching with their will,
and they might start to push your intimate buttons as you’d hoped.
Let them understand that moving close to cuddling
is all about the undulations of the weight of your encounter, so bafflingly light and heavy.

For the sake of the modern virgin and everyone else.

If I have engaged you, please read my manifesto.


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