Original Comparisons: Why Anti-Maskers are like Game Freak apologists

If you go back a few months, you’ll find a lot people telling you,
the coronavirus is an economic disaster, we have to make sure the economy doesn’t fail.

We have to keep open the businesses, and all of that stuff open, pretty much,
to keep ourselves from doing harm and looking foolish.

Other people said, we need to shut things down,
and make some sacrifices, so that things can then heal faster.
And it seems that this was the group who was right about near everything,
in spite of how sloppily their goals were implemented.

And yet those anguished by cotton on others’ faces still move forward in smiling anger.

What you are is like a disgraceful sort of fanbase.

Take a look at people who are now in charge of a wonderful gaming franchise.

Those people who must create the very new foundations of the world of Pocket Monsters.

They have fallen oh so very far off the wagon.

The things they never implemented that were to be expected.

The presentation qualities falling oh so very far behind the times.

The arbitrary restrictions upon the freedom of their players,

practically objective disgracefulness for any software company,

computer games being sacred in the internet-y age.

And yet some choose not only to make the purchase of POKEMON SWORD AND SHIELD, but to take ecstasy in celebrating Game Freak for who they are.

They seem to be so dreading of insulting them completely. They want to smile and believe that things are great.

And yet they still do wish inside for guidance and for change.

They see the solution as pushing them toward the spirit of victory against their sloth,

by telling them how good they are, by celebrating what’s been mediocre-ly achieved.

You also wish for us somehow leave the virus’ range.

It isn’t really your intention to bring harm.

You see the short-term holding onto money-making things as the way to pull on through.

And yet you sneer and ache at people who seek to do a good that also saves us.

You take a chance to dig at what you see as a practically justified grasp for depravities.

You think this is the chance of someone

to implement what they see is right,

some aspects of societal justice that have naught to do with virus.

Just like the bemoaning players of that beloved franchise

seek to make the game’s mechanics just the way they wish, with heat like violence.

Yes, the person who wants you to WEAR A MASK can glean some joy from you
feeling limited and bound by that small cloth upon your face.

Yes, the new-game boycotter fantasizes of the FAILURE of digital world designers
not coming anywhere close to the quality they’d expect.

Yes, sometimes there are people who want to feel constraint upon your world.

Yes, they could even be called rather unhealthy for their cravings on how to guide you all through life.

But those knaves you call pathetic are not always ones who fight for wrong.

Given enough time, given the proper hazards, they will eventually be on the overwhelming side of goodness, that no future people could ever dis-congratulate.

It’s very clear how bad you all have messed up in these endeavors,
defending the passion for NOT fighting a fairly lethal virus.

At the very least, it’s fair to compare you to the followers of a franchise
who have come so very far from the dream of holding content makers to a standard.

Of course our Pocket Monsters is without a proper hope. Millions go out and make the purchase.

But if all of you just chose to give the proper damns about what to do for the Corona,
you could save yourselves from looking like the most loathsome and lazy things upon the Earth in many ages.

The solution is not always to praise what we are doing.
Sometimes the panacea is to limit our consuming.

You can have a crisis where the will to object to common sense is very very deadly.
To insist that none could be so is a disgrace to passions of the past.

Are you waiting for this virus to come away from us
to show that you were kind of barely right?

You might as well roll the dice
on Pokemon’s incompetence fixing itself, with no incentive.

It could still work, maybe,
if you want to found a town on happy daring.

The world has come to scorn America
the way that I despise the fools at Game Freak.

But America is something
that just might be saved.

One’s just entertainment,
the other is our home.

Would you like to maybe
live up to your own standards?

It’s time to put on the mask
and catch all our other flaws.

I desire evolution from within my country.
We can be the coolest creature in the world.

If I have engaged you, please read my manifesto.
I have an emotion of which I want to tell you.


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As strange as Willy Wonka, as sincere as Benjamin Franklin, I am the one who is going to bring purpose to the internet. I am Commander L1 Doubledge.

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